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Etsy Will Open A Real-Life Store In Macy’s Youngster-Focused Bargainless Basement

Etsy Will Open A Real-Life Store In Macy’s Youngster-Focused Bargainless Basement

In the basement of their flagship store in Manhattan’s Herald Square, Macy’s is running an experiment. One Below is a store focused on shoppers in their teens and twenties that the department store is using as a laboratory to figure out what the kids today like, and they plan to use what they learn there in their other stores across the country. Now they’re adding something new: a real-life Etsy store. [More]

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Google Is Not Opening A Real-Life Store After All

Sorry to disappoint you, tech fans, but you will not be able to visit New York City and go on a strange technology tour by visting flagship stores from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. While Google was reportedly planning to open its first store, even leasing and renovating a space in Manhattan, they seem to have changed their minds. [More]


Zappos Is Opening An Enormous Real-Life Holiday Pop-Up Store

Zappos is famous for its attentive customer service, but how would that translate to real life? Customers will have the opportunity to find out from this weekend until December 31, as Zappos opens a 20,000 square foot holiday pop-up store in downtown Las Vegas. Since it’s Vegas, the store will be open 24/7 the whole time (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas) and offer an integrated retail and online shopping experience, especially to customers who download the app before they shop. [More]

Amazon's new neighbor. (Joel Zimmer)

Report: Amazon Will Open A Real-Life Store In Manhattan

Back in the 1920s, catalog retail giant Sears opened massive spaces in major cities that served as combination retail stores and regional distribution centers for catalog goods. These centers closed in the ’80s and ’90s, but now online retail giant is following the same pattern in a tiny way, opening a combination retail store and pick-up center in New York City, across the street from the Empire State Building. [More]