Etsy Will Open A Real-Life Store In Macy’s Youngster-Focused Bargainless Basement

In the basement of their flagship store in Manhattan’s Herald Square, Macy’s is running an experiment. One Below is a store focused on shoppers in their teens and twenties that the department store is using as a laboratory to figure out what the kids today like, and they plan to use what they learn there in their other stores across the country. Now they’re adding something new: a real-life Etsy store.

Normally, a real-life Etsy store would be a craft fair, and Etsy does sponsor and promote those, too. In recent years, they’ve partnered with stores like West Elm and Whole Foods to feature items from handpicked sellers. The Macy’s mini-shop has been decorated with items from Etsy sellers, and the store theme will change every two months.

Racked NY shares that this month, the theme is New York, featuring merchandise with a city theme, made by artisans in the city, or both. 27 out of the 28 sellers whose crafts are featured in the mini-store are based in New York. Could the experiment expand to the juniors sections of other Macy’s stores across the country? That’s the point of this millennial-focused incubator.

Etsy Opens IRL Shop Within Macy’s Herald Square [Racked NY]

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