Google Is Not Opening A Real-Life Store After All

Image courtesy of Joshua B. Leners

Sorry to disappoint you, tech fans, but you will not be able to visit New York City and go on a strange technology tour by visting flagship stores from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. While Google was reportedly planning to open its first store, even leasing and renovating a space in Manhattan, they seem to have changed their minds.

The store would have sold Chromebooks and Google’s Nexus tablets. Presumably there would be other things to do buy and do in the store, since the company leased 5,442 square feet. Only now they want to sublease the store to a different tenant, either not opening a store at all or not opening a store in that space.

If you’re in the market for some prime retail space, this lease will cost about $2.25 million per year, according to Crain’s. Google has spent $6 million already on renovations to the building, including a recessed area in the middle of the floor and generally bringing it up to date.

It’s a lovely store, we’re sure, but you won’t be able to buy your next Nexus there.

Google abandons plan to open first-ever retail store in New York City but not before spending $6 million to renovate this SoHo space [Crain’s] (via Racked)

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