Rent A Stranger’s Bathroom For 5 Minutes With Airpnp

The legend goes that the founders of Airbnb set out an air mattress in their living room and welcomed guests, and that’s where the site comes from. Staying in a stranger’s home can be like a bed and breakfast, often without the breakfast. What about when you want to take a crap instead of a nap, though. Is there somewhere you can pay a nominal fee to strangers to rent out a different room of their home?

Yes. There’s Airpnp, which we thought could not possibly be a serious website until we learned that it’s based in New Orleans, and this is Mardi Gras week. Of course. Both P’s in the name stand for pretty much what you’d guess, and potential hosts for your next bowel movement post photos and describe the amenities of their spots just like Airbnb hosts do. Jacuzzi? Free beer? A friend to keep you company in the can? The commode of your dreams awaits, maybe.

Of course, the site is new, so selections are quite limited. We’ll try to hold it until the mobile app comes out.

Airpnp (via Gothamist – thanks, Dee!)

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