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New York & Company Will Turn Some Existing Stores Into Outlets

Outlet stores and outlet malls are hot right now, with department stores and mall clothing chains rushing to start their own off-price outlets. Their goal isn’t just to sell outlet-grade merchandise to bargain-hunters, but to attract young shoppers who might be able to afford full-price merchandise at some time in the future. Now women’s clothing store New York & Company has announced that it will turn more of its regular stores into outlets. [More]

How You Can Actually Save Money At An Outlet Mall

How You Can Actually Save Money At An Outlet Mall

Just because something is for sale in an outlet store, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good deal, or even that it’s cheaper than the item’s retail price. It is possible to save money while outlet-shopping, though: you just have to know when to shop, where in the store to shop, and to be savvy about programs that your local mall may offer. [More]

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Lawsuit Claims Kate Spade Advertised Imaginary Outlet Prices

In yet another of alleged imaginary discount prices, Kate Spade shoppers have filed a proposed class-action lawsuit claiming that the brand’s outlet stores sold items marked as a steal of a deal, when really they were never sold at a higher price or in higher-end boutiques in the first place. [More]

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Kohl’s Opening Smaller-Format Stores, More Outlet Locations As Part Of Turnaround Efforts

As part of its attempt to bring struggling sales numbers up, Kohl’s is betting on two new kinds of stores: the company announced plans to open a number of smaller-format stores that don’t take up as much space as its traditional stores, as well as more “Off-Aisle” outlet locations offering lower-priced items. [More]

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Outlet Stores May Not Be What You Think They Are

Old-school outlet shopping involved visiting clothing factory towns and digging through bins of slightly irregular underpants in a rough store space that was sometimes just off the factory floor. Today, outlet stores are nicely designed stores in special malls and in regular malls alike, thousands of miles away from where the clothes are made. [More]

Converse Outlet Slashes Shoes Cost By Whole Penny After Raising MSRP By $5

Converse Outlet Slashes Shoes Cost By Whole Penny After Raising MSRP By $5

New York lawyer Eric spotted a pathetic attempt by a Maryland Converse outlet store to pretend that it was offering a discount on this pair of shoes. One sticker slashes the dubious MSRP by a penny, from $30 to $29.99, but another sticker reveals that the original price was $25. [More]

Eddie Bauer Outlet Destroys Unsold Clothing, Throws It

Eddie Bauer Outlet Destroys Unsold Clothing, Throws It Away

Reader W.J. is a dumpster diver. During the controversy over H&M and Walmart destroying unsold clothing in Manhattan a few months ago, experienced dumpster divers pointed out that this is nothing new. W.J. e-mailed Consumerist about her recent find in the trash of an unnamed Eddie Bauer outlet store, and also made a video of her finds and how they were rendered unusable before throwing away. [More]

Macy's To Open Bloomingdale's Outlet Stores This Summer

Macy's To Open Bloomingdale's Outlet Stores This Summer

Macy’s wants in on the discount department store market, so starting this summer the company will open four outlet stores under the Bloomingdale’s brand in New Jersey, Florida, and Virginia, reports the Seattle Times. Apparently the real Bloomingdale’s sales haven’t been stellar in this economy, so Macy’s is hoping that a discount offshoot will bring in more budget-conscious shoppers. [More]