New York & Company Will Turn Some Existing Stores Into Outlets

Image courtesy of Adam Fagen

Outlet stores and outlet malls are hot right now, with department stores and mall clothing chains rushing to start their own off-price outlets. Their goal isn’t just to sell outlet-grade merchandise to bargain-hunters, but to attract young shoppers who might be able to afford full-price merchandise at some time in the future. Now women’s clothing store New York & Company has announced that it will turn more of its regular stores into outlets.

The chain already has 82 outlet stores among its 490 stores, but plans to change about 50 stores over to the format by the end of this fiscal year. They plan to close about a dozen regular stores and open one additional outlet. Under this plan, about a quarter of their stores would be outlets at the end of the year. Most of the outlet conversions would happen in the first quarter of their fiscal year.

“Outlet” stores in regular malls, where the standard NY&Co. store used to be? Sure, why not? Old Navy started as the Gap’s outlet-mall brand, and J. Crew is opening some of their Factory Stores in regular malls.

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