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Retail, Fast Food Companies Still Hate Laws Regulating ‘On-Call’ Schedules

While the Fight for $15 movement hasn’t been successful in raising starting wages to $15 in every industry and across the country, one thing that it has done is bring attention to worker-unfriendly scheduling practices like on-call shifts and publishing work schedules shortly before they go into effect. [More]


Six Major Retailers Agree To End On-Call Scheduling Amid Multi-State Probe

Aeropostale, PacSun, and Walt Disney Co. are among six major retailers who have announced they will stop using on-call scheduling in their U.S. stores. [More]


Nine States Expand Probe Into On-Call Scheduling, 15 More Retailers In The Hot Seat

With the help of seven other states and the District of Columbia, New York is expanding the probe into on-call scheduling in the retail world, sending letters to 15 more retailers asking them about their use of the practice. [More]


J. Crew Ending On-Call Scheduling For Workers In Its U.S. Stores

The list of retailers who have decided to end the practice of on-call scheduling has just grown by one more, as J. Crew announced it will no longer require workers to be available to work shifts on short notice at all its U.S. stores. [More]


Urban Outfitters Will End On-Call Scheduling In New York

Following in the footsteps of retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap, Urban Outfitters says it will stop using on-call scheduling — but only in New York. This change comes after pressure from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office, which has been probing various companies’ use of the system. [More]

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Bath & Body Works Will Cleanse Worker Schedules Of On-Call Shifts

This summer, a number of popular mall store chains have decided to end the practice of on-call scheduling, a money-saving trick where employees are scheduled to work but told not to report, or are sent home early. Now the dense scent cloud known as Bath and Body Works will join its corporate cousin Victoria’s Secret in stopping the practice next month. [More]

Gap Will End On-Call Scheduling In All Of Its Stores

Gap Will End On-Call Scheduling In All Of Its Stores

On-call scheduling is a retail practice that looks great on a store’s budget on paper, but wrecks employees’ lives in real life. Gap Inc. is the third major retailer in recent months that has announced that they’re ending the practice across all of their brands, after months working on what they call “sustainable scheduling practices.” [More]

Abercrombie & Fitch Agrees To End On-Call Scheduling

Abercrombie & Fitch Agrees To End On-Call Scheduling

Following in the footsteps of fellow retailer Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch announced that it will no longer use the on-call method of scheduling, which required workers to be available for a shift at a moment’s notice. Or, on the other hand, find out they’d be staying home for an upcoming shift, not getting paid. [More]

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Victoria’s Secret Plans To End On-Call Scheduling

Employees at Victoria’s Secret will no longer have to call in to find out if they’ll be hawking lotions, perfumes, bras, underwear and other products on any given day, as the company plans to end its use of on-call scheduling. [More]


NY AG Probing Gap, Target & 11 Other Retailers For Possibly Illegal On-Call Scheduling Practices

Over the past several years, companies that employ hourly workers in New York have come under scrutiny for a variety of practices, including not providing reimbursement for uniforms to requiring some work be performed off the clock. Today, the state attorney general’s office began scrutinizing another practice by major retailers: the use of on-call scheduling. [More]