NYC subway


NYC Finally Phasing Out MetroCards, Will Let Riders Pay Transit Fares With A Tap

While a number of other U.S. cities’ mass transit systems have already moved beyond plastic swipe cards and now use fobs or other smart keys, New York City with more than 450 subway stops, nearly 250 miles of track, and around 600 buses, has not made that next-gen leap. But now the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will finally begin to phase out the use of MetroCards over the coming years. [More]


Next Stop, [Company Name Here]?: MTA May Sell NYC Subway Station Naming Rights

While I always dreamed of hearing the automated voice on the New York City subway trains announcing “Next stop: MBQ Station,” it appears I’ll have to wait a bit longer and save some more pennies: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering selling off naming rights for some subway stations as a way to rake in some cash, but individuals won’t be getting in on the naming fun. [More]

Just gotta dance.

Couple Gets $75K In Settlement After Arrest For Dancing The Charleston In NYC Subway

Unless you live in the world of Footloose, it’s quite uncommon for dancing to be classified as a crime. But one couple has been defending the right to do the Charleston in public since they were arrested for doing so back in July 2011, and it sounds like they’ve come to a satisfactory resolution. New York City has settled with the couple for $75,000 after police arrested them for dancing in a subway station. [More]