(Alan Rappa)

Unless You’re Of The Teenage Mutant Turtle Variety, You Likely Can’t Make A Living As A Ninja

While the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would surely disagree, the masked fighters on a half-shell are an exception to some very upsetting news: It is probably impossible to make a living as a professional ninja nowadays. That shattering you hear is the sound of innumerable broken hearts formerly set on a life of ninjaness. [More]


Ninja Offers Swift, Quiet Replacement Of Defective Blender

Nathan expected stubbornness or indifference from Ninja complained about the mildew trapped inside the handle of his blender pitcher. Ninjas aren’t the fanciest blenders out there, but aren’t the cheapest, either. He e-mailed them first, then called customer service as they requested. That’s when they surprised him by actually replacing the defective pitcher. [More]

Inventions Can Always Be Improved: Nose-Pouch Handkerchief

Inventions Can Always Be Improved: Nose-Pouch Handkerchief

Over at Strange New Products we saw this amazing handkerchief with a built-in nose pocket for catching and collecting expelled mucus. But the other alternatives are so much more amazing. Dye it black, blow your nose, then let go. Now you’ve got the perfect ninja mask. Fold one corner into the pocket and balance it upon the crown of your head — a respectable yarmulke. Turn it upside down and it fills the function of collecting unwanted post-coital drippings.