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Facebook Wants You To Order Food Through Restaurants’ Pages

Facebook Wants You To Order Food Through Restaurants’ Pages

If you want to accomplish everything online without leaving Facebook, perhaps that will be possible soon. Today, the social networking site announced a new feature: users will be able to order food from a restaurant directly from that restaurant’s Facebook page. [More]


Would You Borrow Your Outfits By Mail For $139 Per Month?

Would you treat your wardrobe like a Netflix DVD subscription? Rent the Runway, a company known for renting out special-occasion dresses and ugly holiday sweaters, has been testing a service that they call Unlimited for a few years now, finally letting it out of beta. The idea? You rent three pieces of designer clothing at a time, receiving the next one in your queue when you send one back to be dry cleaned, or just because you’re tired of it. [More]

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Would You Use A Tide-Branded Laundry Pickup Service?

Back in 2000, Procter & Gamble tested something interesting: it was a laundry pickup and delivery service called Juvian. That didn’t really take off, but the growth of app-based laundry services has apparently made the company give the idea another try. This time, it’s being tested in one neighborhood in Chicago, and the service is called Tide Spin. [More]