Don’t Want To Buy An Ugly Holiday Sweater You’ll Only Wear Once? Now You Can Rent It

uglysweaterRTRIf you don’t have a female relative over the age of 50 who can conveniently provide you with a glittery, puffy landscape of giant snowflakes and bedazzled Christmas trees, it’s understandable that you don’t want to drop the big bucks on an ugly holiday sweater you’ll never wear again after that Ugly Holiday Sweater Party you’ll inevitably be invited to at some point in your life. As an alternative, now you can rent one. And never see it again, like that other mistake you made last holiday season.

The folks who rent designer dresses with hefty price tags at Rent the Runway have launched an Ugly Holiday Sweater collection to help those in need of an atrocious item of clothing on the cheap.

Sweaters vary by your location, for a total of 12 in the collection whose sole purpose is to make you look as fashionably idiotic as is possibly this holiday season.

You want a bunch of teddy bears? Got’em. A creepy 3D Christmas clown sewn onto your chest, adorned with a red tinsel fringe? Okay then, wear that and try not to have nightmares later.

This is what I dream of when I drink too much egg nog.

This is what I dream of when I drink too much egg nog.

Sweaters only come in one-size-fits all size, at a four-day rental cost of $15.

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