Southwest Offering Frequent Flyers Reward Miles To Make Up For Ongoing Glitch

Image courtesy of DieselDemon

While Southwest Airlines continues to grapple with a glitch that’s denying its top tier of frequent flyers prime boarding assignments, the carrier is offering up another apology by way of free rewards miles.

Although Southwest has issued a fix and has been reassuring customers that things will be back to normal soon, a spokesperson for the company says the problem isn’t quite resolved yet.

“We’re aware some customers, a shrinking number by the hour, still are getting boarding positions that do not reflect the benefits that come with their hard-earned status and we thank them for hanging in there with us while we broaden a temporary solution put in place last night to ensure that all our A-Listers feel the LUV they’re accustomed to from us,” a Southwest spokesperson told Consumerist.

In the meantime, A-List and A-List preferred members of its Rapid Rewards program will receive a bonus of 1,500 miles as a “tangible apology” for every flight affected by the glitch.

The problems started on Friday, when frequent fliers in the top two tiers of Southwest’s loyalty program reported that they weren’t being automatically checked in for their flights ahead of other travelers like usual. Thus, they ended up with assigned boarding numbers in non-priority groups like B or C, instead of in the A group.

In the meantime, Southwest has been urging A-List and A-List Preferred members to manually check in before their flights, and reminding them that they can always board between groups A and B.

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