Oops! I Made It Past The TSA Screeners With A 6-Inch Hunting Knife

While the TSA is busy rolling out full-body scanners and grope-y pat-down procedures, the agency still hasn’t managed to actually stop people from slipping onto airplanes with deadly weapons.

Take for instance the story of Consumerist reader Steve, whose 6-inch hunting knife went unnoticed by all involved:

On my way to Chicago for business this past week the TSA missed the six inch hunting knife in my coat pocket while they busied themselves wanding my crotch and checking my hands for powder residues.

The knife was a gift from an outdoorsman friend and I forgot it was in my jacket pocket. In fact, it was the only thing in my pocket. I came across it when I buckled my seat belt!

So let this be a lesson to you all. Since the TSA is apparently remiss in doing its job, you will need to pre-screen yourself before boarding the plane.

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