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Report: Apple Wants To Release Movies On iTunes While They’re Still in Theaters

Recently, 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures all confirmed they’re looking to offer high-priced, home-video rentals of new movies soon after they’re released in theaters. And according to a new report, Apple wants a piece of that pie. [More]

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Workers Who Secure Parking For NYC Movie Shoots Claim Studios Are Skimping On Pay

Tourists and residents of New York City alike have no doubt seen those ubiquitous neon signs plastered all over lamp posts from time to time, which serve to alert car owners that they won’t be able to park there on a certain day or days because of a movie or TV crew that will be shooting there. It’s one part of an unglamorous job in the entertainment business, but someone’s got to do it — and those people are now suing the studios over claims they’re not paid enough for often long, thankless hours they put in, often in less than ideal conditions. [More]

You can't run from the future of digital releases.

Paramount, Movie Theaters Sharing A Piece Of The Revenue Pie With Unusually Early Digital Release

Look around you — notice anything different? Probably not, but big change could be underfoot, at least in the cinematic realm: Paramount Studios is trying something new, releasing Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse digitally — only 39 days after its theatrical release. [More]

Universal, Redbox Cut Deal To Maintain 28-Day Rental Delay

Universal, Redbox Cut Deal To Maintain 28-Day Rental Delay

Universal will not follow the lead of Warner Bros. by restricting sales of DVDs to rental services for 56 days. Instead, the studio worked out an extension of its current deal with Redbox that will continue to keep Universal’s discs out of renters’ hands for 28 days. [More]

Netflix Can't Decide Whether Puerto Rico Is In The USA

Netflix Can't Decide Whether Puerto Rico Is In The USA

Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories are in sort of an awkward place. Are they part of America, or not? Sure, they can’t vote in presidential elections, but they are on the back of a quarter. This confusion has led to problems for Netflix users in Puerto Rico. Netflix will provide them with DVDs-by-mail service at the same price as service in the 48 contiguous United States, but considerably slower. However, they won’t let Puerto Rico customers stream movies over the Internet, which would be handy while they wait three or four days for their DVDs to show up.