Can You Save Money By Motorcycle Commuting? Not Really

Sure, switching to a motorcycle or scooter for your highway commute might seem like a good idea, especially if you want to save gasoline and fantasize about gridlock-defying, illegal traffic maneuvers. But while motorcycle commuting has some good points, it probably isn’t going to save you much money over commuting by car.

SpotMotorcycles took a look at the myth of bike commuting utopia. Their verdict: It’s worthwhile only for some people, and most of those people already own motorcycles.

I made my own estimate with their calculator, and it showed that I would actually lose $106 per year by commuting on a motorcycle, and that doesn’t even take into account money spent on gear, licensing, or safety courses. Save money on commuting by purchasing a more fuel-efficient car? Maybe. But few Americans who live in areas without good public transit are able to completely get rid of their cars. If you want to feel the wind in your helmet, consider investing in a bicycle for short trips instead.

Save Money Commuting by Motorcycle? Not So Fast!
[Spot Motorcycles]

(Photo: stirwise)

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