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Beastie Boys Win $1.7M In Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Monster

After seeking $2 million in damages from Monster Energy for using the band’s songs without permission in promotional videos, the Beastie Boys will walk away from the legal battle with $1.7 million. Monster had argued that it should only fork over $125,000, and the company says it plans to appeal the decision. [via NPR News] [More]


Beastie Boys Head To Court Against Monster Energy, Everyone Learns What “Dope” Means

After filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Monster Energy Drink back in August 2012, the Beastie Boy are facing off against the beverage company in a New York City court this week. And because not everyone in the legal system is down with rap lingo, the players involved had to get down to brass monkeys — err, brass tacks about some terms when the case went to trial yesterday. [More]