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Today I learned there are 10 Subways within walking distance of the Consumerist Bat Cave (Philadelphia Branch).

Is There Room For Another 8,000 Subway Locations? Subway Thinks So

The way things stand right now, there are around 26,000 Subway restaurants in the U.S., nearly twice the total number of McDonald’s in the country. In fact, Subway is larger than the number of eateries operated by 30 of the nation’s top 50 food chains — combined. And yet, claims the company’s top exec, there is still room to grow. [More]

It's going to be a several hour drive to "eat fresh."

Is This The Farthest Away You Can Get From A Subway In The Continental U.S.?

We’ve been writing for years about the McFarthest project, an effort to locate the spot in the contiguous 48 states that is the farthest away from a McDonald’s. Last week, in a story about how Subways outnumber McD’s by nearly 2-to-1, I challenged readers to try to figure out where one would need to go to be the farthest away from a Subway. One reader has stepped up to try. [More]

You're Never More Than 115 Miles From McDonald's

You're Never More Than 115 Miles From McDonald's

Thanks to a McDonald’s in northeastern California going out of business, Americans are now never more than 115 miles from their nearest Golden Arches. The new “McFarthest” spot is a scrubby patch in northwest Nevada, ousting the previous McFarthest spot in South Dakota by 8 miles — move over, 45.45955,-101.91356, here’s 41.94389,-119.54010! Sweet, running those extra miles means I can probably Supersize my vanilla milkshake. [More]