Uber To Start Testing Carpooling Service In NYC This Week

Remember that awkward feeling of being in the verysame car as John Blohn, the guy everyone had a crush on in seventh grade, but knowing that you’re only carpool acquaintances, and not real friends, as he may have not so nicely reminded you at the last Big Dance when you cornered him near the bleachers? New Yorkers will soon be able to recreate that feeling with strangers as Uber starts testing its carpool service in the city this week. Just great.

Uber customers with iOS devices will be able to share rides with other UberX riders heading along the same route starting Thursday, with Android users joining the UberPOOL fray on Dec. 8, the company says in a blog post.

“On any given day, the vast majority of uberX trips in NYC have a ‘lookalike’ trip — a trip that starts near, ends near, and is happening around the same time as another trip,” the post explains. “Most of these trips transport 1-2 people, leaving 2-3 empty seats. With UberPool we can match those lookalike trips together.”

Uber tested UberPool in Paris and San Francisco this year as well, other cities with lots of people but not necessarily a plethora of car owners.

For those not living in one of three UberPool cities, Lyft and Sidecar both offer ride pooling as well, in various cities. Wherever there are John Blohns, there are awkward carpool friends.

*Not a real name of anyone I know.

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