Here’s A List Of Proposed RadioShack Store Closings

No one who has been paying attention to retail news is surprised that RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday, and that the chain plans to close about half of its stores. Yet you may be wondering: what if I need a soldering kit or a cordless phone battery at 4 P.M. on a Friday? How many of the Radio Shacks near me are going out of business?

This mysterious PDF document has appeared on The Shack’s corporate site. Dated Wednesday, February 4, it’s a list of about 1,800 stores sorted into three waves of closings. We don’t know whether this is a final list: it appears to be an exhibit from the company’s bankruptcy filing. (Here’s a backup in case RadioShack takes the document down.)

The list is organized by store number, making it difficult to navigate. Here’s the fastest way to check on your local store: start with the RadioShack store finder and search on your location. Click on the location name on the map, which will be in red. The store number will be the last four digits of that page’s address. If that sounds confusing, the page’s address will look like this:

Take the last four numbers from this URL and search on it on the store closing list. (You can do that by pressing Control + F if you’re on a Windows PC, Command + F if you’re on a Mac, and if you’re on a mobile device you’re on your own.

If you don’t have the ability to search the page, just scroll through each separate closing wave in numerical order and look for the store number.

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