The End Is Nigh For Plasma TV: LG Electronics Says It’s Ditching The Technology By Next Month

Like black-and-white TVs and clunky tube sets before it, it was only a matter of time before plasma TV technology was outstripped and replaced by newer innovations on the scene. And the end appears to be nigh for plasma, even more so than before, as LG Electronics announced it’s throwing in its plasma TV hat by the end of November.

The move follows Panasonic’s exit from the market, which it announced about a year ago, and would leave only Samsung Electronics in the plasma field, reports Reuters.

LG announced in a regulatory filing today that because the new thing to have these days is liquid crystal displays, or LCD, demand is down for plasma. Only 2.4% of the company’s annual revenue came from plasma in 2013 as LCD TVs have taken over worldwide.

“We wanted to keep it going as long as we could,” LG spokesman Ken Hong told Reuters, adding that LG had beeb making its own plasma panels, while other companies outsourced that work. “No matter how much we try to keep it going it’s just not a business anymore.”

Plasma just doesn’t make as much sense, experts point out — the display can’t keep up with advances in screen resolutions, and they run hotter and use more power than LCD.

Market research firm NPD DisplaySearch said in July that plasma TV shipments will fall globally to just 500,000 in 2015, down from 5.2 million this year. Dinosaurs walking, my friends. Or um, dinosaurs just sitting there.

If you’re really devoted to plasma technology, Samsung will be hanging in the game for now, it says. Though it’s unclear where it will get plasma panels by the end of November, which is when its sister company Samsung SDI is pulling out of the plasma business as well.

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