New 49ers Stadium To Carry The Levi’s Name

The new football stadium for the 49ers will have the Levi's name on it.

The new football stadium for the 49ers will have the Levi’s name on it.

After several pleasant seasons of not having to remember which company had paid to slap their name on Candlestick Park, fans of the San Francisco 49ers will have to get used to the Levi’s name, as the clothing company has ponied up the cash for the naming rights to the Niners’ under-construction stadium. broke the news this morning that the Niners would be playing in a Levi’s-branded stadium when the new arena opens in Santa Clara.

Candlestick, which the team has called home for more than 40 years, and where the San Francisco Giants played from 1960 through 1999, went through numerous name changes over the last two decades. It first changed its name to 3Com Park in 1995. When those naming rights expired in 2002, it became San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point. But that only last until 2005, when Monster (the cable company; not the job website or the energy drink), slapped its name on the stadium for a few years. The city of San Francisco decided after that change that it would be the last corporate branding on Candlestick, and when Monster’s agreement ended in 2008, the Candlestick name was put back in place permanently.

The Santa Clara stadium is currently under construction. It is expected to open in time for the beginning of the 2014 NFL season. Interestingly, the wiki page for the new stadium already refers to it as “Levi’s Stadium.”

Of course, the Levi’s name is closely associated with San Francisco, having been headquartered in the city for more than 150 years.

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