Feds Accuse NetSpend Of Misleading Customers About Prepaid Debit Cards

Feds Accuse NetSpend Of Misleading Customers About Prepaid Debit Cards

NetSpend, one of the nation’s largest providers of prepaid debit cards, has been accused of violating federal law for allegedly misleading users into believing that funds loaded onto these cards will be available immediately, while some users say they had to wait weeks or were never able to access their funds. [More]

You Could Be Eligible For These Class Actions And Not Even Know It

Samuel M. Livingston

The class action system is slow, profitable for lawyers, and flawed, but for now it’s the best tool that ordinary consumers have for holding companies that have wronged a lot of people responsible with a relatively small financial impact. Not all suits are well publicized, though, and you might not know that you’re eligible. Did you buy a computer between 2003 and 2008? How about “natural” cleaning products or lavender-scented baby products? [More]

Lawsuit Claims Leaky Glade Air Fresheners Can Burn Through Car Dashboards

Lawsuit Claims Leaky Glade Air Fresheners Can Burn Through Car Dashboards

Another week, another lawsuit over allegedly defective fragrance products doing damage to vehicles: some consumers who bought Glade air fresheners for their cars say the items ended up leaking all over the place, and in some cases, burning holes through car dashboards. [More]

Amanda Hoffman

Mrs. Fields, Interbake Duking It Out In Court Over Cookie Deal Gone Bad

Like any good thriller, the story of cookie biggies Mrs. Fields and Interbake Foods is full of alleged deceit, theft, and betrayal. Now the two companies are headed to the courtroom to air their grievances over a relationship that crumbled like stale cookies.  [More]

Morton Fox

Popeyes Customer Dropping Lawsuit Over Lack Of Knife With Fried Chicken Order

Well, that was quick: only a few days after filing a lawsuit against Popeyes claiming that the lack of a knife in his order caused him to choke on his fried chicken, a Mississippi lawyers is dropping his complaint. [More]

Court Says Ballot Selfies Are Illegal In New York, At Least For This Election

Scott Lynch

Weeks after one federal appeals court ruled that New Hampshire’s ban on photos inside the voting booth is unconstitutional, a federal district court judge in New York state has come to a different conclusion about that state’s prohibition against sharing photos of your ballot. [More]


Popeyes Customer Sues Over Lack Of Knife In His Order After Choking On Chicken

A man who claims he choked on a piece of Popeyes fried chicken has sued the fast food chain, claiming that his pain and suffering from the incident could’ve been avoided if a plastic knife had come with his order. [More]

Chaz Dean

Judge Gives Initial Approval To $26M Settlement For Claims That WEN Products Caused Hair Loss

In July, we heard that the Food and Drug Administration was investigating reports of hair loss, balding, itching, and rash associated with using celebrity stylist Chaz Dean’s hair care products, sold by a company called WEN. Now, a federal judge in Los Angeles has given preliminary approval to a $25 million settlement that resulted from a class-action lawsuit more than 200 customers filed against the company. [More]

DOJ Sues DirecTV Over Blackout Of SportsNet LA

Atwater Village Newbie

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against DirecTV, alleging that the nation’s largest satellite TV provider illegally shared non-public information with other pay-TV companies about their negotiations to carry SportsNet LA, the only cable channel in Los Angeles to air most Dodgers games. [More]


Feds Go After “Massive, Illegal” Debt-Collection Operation

A large, nationwide debt-collection operation that allegedly brought in tens of millions of dollars through illegal means — like impersonating law-enforcement officers, or threatening arrest for non-payment — is the target of a joint legal action by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the New York state attorney general. [More]

Mike Seyfang

More Amazon Drivers Accuse Company Of Not Paying Required Overtime Wages

As Amazon shifts more of its logistics workload away from traditional parcel services like FedEx and UPS and toward contractors who deliver orders in Amazon’s name, the e-commerce giant continues to face legal challenges over the way those contracted workers are being treated. The latest example comes out of Illinois, where former delivery drivers are accusing Amazon of not paying them required overtime wages. [More]

Judge: Airbnb Can Force Users’ Racial Discrimination Claims Out Of Courtroom

Judge: Airbnb Can Force Users’ Racial Discrimination Claims Out Of Courtroom

A large — and growing — number of companies use arbitration clauses in their overlong, legalese-stuffed customer agreements to prevent customers from bringing lawsuits and joining together in class actions, but can that arbitration agreement be used to avoid legal liability for possible violations of federal civil rights law? According to one federal judge, yes. [More]

Supreme Court Asks Feds To Chime In On Decade-Old “Dancing Baby” YouTube Case

Supreme Court Asks Feds To Chime In On Decade-Old “Dancing Baby” YouTube Case

A nearly decade-long copyright dispute over a silly YouTube video of a baby dancing to a barely audible Prince song continues, with the U.S. Supreme Court now asking for the federal government to give its thoughts on the matter. [More]


Creator Of Breaking Bad’s “Los Pollos Hermanos” Logo Suing Sony Over Merchandise

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you’re undoubtedly very familiar with the show’s Los Pollos Hermanos — heck, you might even go so far as buy a T-shirt with the fictional restaurant/meth distributor’s logo on it. And that’s exactly why the artist who created the restaurant’s logo is suing Sony Pictures: he says the company made money off merchandise featuring the Los Pollos Hermanos logo without his permission. [More]

Should Police Need A Warrant To Obtain Your Cellphone Location Data?

Jim Chambers

On TV and in the movies, when the police want location information on a suspect’s cellphone, the world-weary detectives just mosey into the office of a wireless company and bully/sweet-talk the receptionist into handing over this information by saying things like “You don’t want us to have to wait here while we get a warrant, do you?” In the real world, it’s not that simple, and the question of whether or not an actual warrant is needed has yet to be resolved. [More]

Great Beyond

Lawsuit Against Amazon Claims Exploding Hoverboard Destroyed Family’s Home

For most people, so-called hoverboards were just a fad, one many didn’t think much about after a serious of fiery incidents involving the electric scooters prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall half a million of the devices over safety concerns. But it was more than a trendy fad to be forgotten for others, like one Tennessee family that’s claiming a scooter sold by Amazon was responsible for destroying their home. [More]


South Korean Customers Sue Samsung Over Galaxy Note 7

It took less than a week for attorneys in a class action suit against Samsung in South Korea to round up 500 customers interested in demanding compensation from the company after their experience with the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Public opinion has turned against Samsung in its home country as well as in the rest of the world, leading to the worst crisis in company history. [More]

Lawsuit: Bath & Body Works Portable Fragrances Can Melt Into A Leaky Mess

Lawsuit: Bath & Body Works Portable Fragrances Can Melt Into A Leaky Mess

Maybe you’ve been there: the inside of your car smells like something crawled into the glovebox and died. Folks often turn to scented products that can help allay some of that funk. But one woman who bought refills for Bath & Body Works’ “Scentportables” says the products turned into a hot mess with no warning. [More]