Federal Court Resolves Crucial Question: Is The Snuggie A Blanket Or A Garment?

Federal Court Resolves Crucial Question: Is The Snuggie A Blanket Or A Garment?

It’s a question that has torn this nation apart for far too long, dividing families, rending marriages in two, leaving scars that may never heal on the flesh and in the souls of good Americans: Is the Snuggie a blanket that just happens to have sleeves, or is it a garment, like an oversized bathrobe that you wear backwards? While it may not change your deeply felt personal opinion on this matter, a federal court has made its opinion known. [More]

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Appeals Court Will Rehear Case Involving Constitutionality Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Four months after a three-judge panel issued a 2-1 ruling that the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional, the full Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has agreed to rehear the issue. [More]


Anthem Responds To Cigna’s Lawsuit With A Suit Of Its Own

There are bad breakups, and then there are breakups that involve both sides suing each other at the same time: A day after Cigna announced it would officially give up on its proposed merger with Anthem and filed a lawsuit claiming billions of dollars in damages, Anthem has turned around and filed its own lawsuit in response. [More]


Cigna Officially Gives Up On Merger With Anthem, Sues Anthem For $13 Billion Instead

After more than a year of review and another six months in court, only to lose, it looks like health insurer Anthem’s plan to buy rival Cigna is truly dead in the water. Cigna announced today that it’s terminating the agreement to merge, but this breakup is far from mutual. Instead of simply going off their separate ways, Cigna is now suing Anthem, seeking billions in damages. [More]

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Lawsuit: Woman Harassed After ‘Howard Stern Show’ Airs Her Phone Call With IRS Agent

You may remember the story of the Massachusetts woman who thought she was just talking to an Internal Revenue Service agent on the phone, when really, their private call — including her personal information — was being broadcast to listeners of Howard Stern’s radio show. She’s now suing both the IRS and the show. [More]

Lawsuit Claims Walmart’s Private Label Craft Beer Is “Wholesale Fiction”

Lawsuit Claims Walmart’s Private Label Craft Beer Is “Wholesale Fiction”

It can be hard to tell if that craft beer on the grocery shelf comes from the vats of a small, independent brewer, or if it is the product of a commercial vat. That’s the crux of a new class-action seeking lawsuit that claims Walmart is deceiving consumers with its private label “craft” beer brands in an effort to inflate prices. [More]

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DirecTV Asks Court To Throw Out Justice Dept. Lawsuit Over SportsNet LA

It’s hard to be a baseball fan in Los Angeles. For what feels like ages, the LA Dodgers have had an exclusive deal with Time Warner Cable — now Charter — to air their games in the area. Other carriers reportedly have tried to get access to the games but were stymied, eventually leading to a complicated court case where the Justice Department sued DirecTV over allegations of colluding unlawfully with other carriers in negotiations with SportsNet LA. Now, DirecTV is fighting back. [More]

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Charter Accused Of Charging Fees To Activate Service That Is Already Active

It’s been the better part of a year since Charter leapfrogged to the top of the giant cable company pile by gobbling up Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. The transition, though, has been far from effortless for Charter, which now finds itself facing a potential class-action lawsuit brought by a former Bright House subscriber. [More]

Whistleblower Claims Major Baby Formula Company Used Defective Packaging

Whistleblower Claims Major Baby Formula Company Used Defective Packaging

The business pages are lighting up this morning with the news that baby formula biggie Mead Johnson Nutrition — makers of Enfamil — is being bought by Reckitt Benckhiser (whose brands include baby-stopping Durex condoms) for $16.6 billion, but we’re more interested in a new whistleblower lawsuit from a former Mead Johnson executive who claims the company ignored concerns about defective packaging and fired her for trying to get the problem addressed. [More]

Spinal Tap Reunites… To Take Movie Distributor To Court Over $400M

Spinal Tap Reunites… To Take Movie Distributor To Court Over $400M

The three core members of legendary fictional heavy metal band Spin̈al Tap have reunited, not for a new album, movie, or tour, but to sue a film distributor for $400 million. [More]

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New Lawsuit Claims Trump’s Pro-Deregulation Executive Order Violates Constitution

Last month, President Trump signed an executive order intended to spur massive deregulation — or at least curb new regulations — by requiring that for each new rule issued by a federal agency, at least two rules would have to be undone. Now that order is the target of a legal action claiming that it violates the Constitution and will ultimately harm American consumers. [More]

5-Hour Energy Ordered To Pay $4.3 Million For Deceptive Ads

5-Hour Energy Ordered To Pay $4.3 Million For Deceptive Ads

Four months after a Washington state court ruled that the maker of the popular 5-Hour Energy drink had misled consumers into believing that its product was superior to caffeine, the judge has ordered the company to pay a total of $4.3 million. [More]


Reminder: Get $10 For Your Long-Gone Computer In Optical Drive Class Action

Did you buy a computer between April 1, 2003 and Dec. 31, 2008? Most people reading this probably did, and that makes you eligible for a class action settlement depending on which state you lived in at the time. You don’t need to still have your old computer or its serial number to file a claim in the class action. [More]

State Lawmakers Push Back Against Philadelphia Soda Tax

State Lawmakers Push Back Against Philadelphia Soda Tax

The beverage industry’s efforts to derail Philadelphia’s new controversial tax on sweetened drinks have thus far been unsuccessful, leading to higher prices and unhappy customers when the tax went into effect on Jan. 1. Now, dozens of state lawmakers are going after the city’s tax, calling it an “impermissible sales tax” that “sets a dangerous precedent.” [More]

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Facebook: There Is No “Wonder Machine” To Automatically Detect Hate Speech, Abuse

Social media services like Facebook and Twitter have taken a lot of heat in recent years over many of the hateful things their users share with the rest of the world. Some have accused these companies of not doing enough to prevent this sort of behavior in the first place, but Facebook says there is really not much else it can do right now. [More]

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JCPenney And Macy’s Settle Long-Running Lawsuit Over Martha Stewart Housewares

Does it feel like 2012 was very long ago? That’s when JCPenney and Macy’s began their dispute over who has the right to sell Martha Stewart’s branded housewares in their stores. The two chains have finally decided to settle the case, though the terms weren’t disclosed. [More]

Ride-Hailing App Drivers Want To Put Ads Up If Taxis Can

Ride-Hailing App Drivers Want To Put Ads Up If Taxis Can

If there are ads on the outside of taxis as well as on their insides, why can’t drivers for ride-hailing apps put up ads of their own? A company that provides an app that turns a driver’s tablet into a ride-hailing version of Taxi TV is suing the city of Chicago, which bans advertising in cars for ride-hailing app services. [More]

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Trump Golf Club Must Pay $5M To Members Who Paid Dues But Weren’t Allowed To Play

Former members who sued the Trump National Golf Club are owed more than $5 million after a federal judge ruled in found that the company breached its membership contract by taking plaintiffs’ dues while barring them from actually using the club. [More]