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Calling 9-1-1 Won’t Help You Find The Red Jell-O When It Disappears From The Fridge

Here we were, thinking we couldn’t say it enough times that it’s not acceptable to rush to the authorities with non-emergencies — an unsavory taste experiencecell phones in the movie theatera penny’s worth of overcharging for a beer — and yet, it’s still happening. People are still dialing up 9-1-1 all in a dither over things like some strawberry Jell-O disappearing from the fridge at work. [More]

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Science Says: Vampire Facials Probably Won’t Keep You Young Like That Hottie Dracula

Just because Kim “We Get Angry Letters When We Mention Her Name” Kardashian is running off to get blood facials, otherwise known as vampire facials, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should, too. However, just because it won’t keep you looking fresh out of the coffin forever and ever doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, say super smart scientists. [More]

Yay, bacon! But also, no.

Toaster Bacon & 3 Other Failed Food Ideas You Couldn’t Pay Us To Try

Normally when anyone mentions the word bacon, our ears and tummies perk up like it’s meat Christmas. But cooking bacon in a toaster with some kind of foil and absorbent pad situation? No thank you, not for a kazillion dollars. Throughout food history there have inevitably been food flops, and Reddi-Bacon is just one of those destined to go down as a bona fide grody idea. [More]

There's Apparently Not Enough Room For Jell-O Pudding Pops Nutritional Information

There's Apparently Not Enough Room For Jell-O Pudding Pops Nutritional Information

“I was out shopping the other day when a box of Popsicle brand Jell-O Pudding Pops caught my eye. My local supermarket doesn’t carry them, so I thought I’d pick up a box as a treat. When going to open the box at home, I noticed a very suspicious location for the perforated tear-away opening strip.

Jell-O Causes Biohazard Scare

A quivering, offal-like pool of cherry-flavored horse gelatin caused authorities in Germany to declare a biochemical emergency.