Report: The iWatch Is Coming, The iWatch Is Coming… In 2014

We’ve had an eye on the iWatch lately, especially in light of other whispered gossip about Apple’s competitors also coming out with smart timepieces (anyone remember the Pebble?), and now it’s happening. Or at least it’s probably happening, if analysts whose very job it is to watch out for news of this kind are to be believed. [More]


The iWatch Is Apparently A Real Thing In That Apple Applied For A Trademark In Japan

In a highly technological world where it seems like there’s nothing new to get excited about — Flying cars? Whatever. Holograms? Yawn! — one thing that has a consistent buzz around it is the oft-rumored iWatch. An iPad for your wrist, a stylish accessory for the techiest techie! In other words, what digital dreams are made of. But before now, there wasn’t much solid evidence that Apple was working on such a thing…. (dramatic pause) until now. [More]