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Walmart Chops Prices For iPhone 5c, 5s (With A 2-Year Contract)

In a move that could signal a purge of old inventory before Apple introduces its new iPhone, Walmart has cut its prices on the iPhone 5s and 5c — with a two-year contract, only in stores. The 5S now goes for $99, down from $429, while the 5c costs $29, a drop from its previous price of $49. [via CNNMoney] [More]

T-Mobile Won’t Count Streaming Music Against Data Caps; Offering Loaner Phones

T-Mobile Won’t Count Streaming Music Against Data Caps; Offering Loaner Phones

If you’re constantly streaming songs from Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify or other services on your phone, it can eat away at your monthly data cap pretty quickly. In an attempt to lure music-lovers to its wireless service T-Mobile announced last night that it will no longer count data from these and other services against users’ 4G LTE allotments. [More]

BlackBerry Reminds Everyone It’s Still Relevant By Suing Over Slip-On Keyboard Design

BlackBerry Reminds Everyone It’s Still Relevant By Suing Over Slip-On Keyboard Design

One of the most common things to come out of a person’s mouth who has just switched from a BlackBerry to an iPhone is probably: “It’s so hard to type on this dang screen with my big fat fingers.” Nevertheless, BlackBerry has seen swarms of customers go rushing into the arms of the iPhone and other smartphones in recent years. In a stab at reminding everyone that it’s still a relevant brand, BlackBerry is now suing the makers of a slip-on keyboard for the iPhone, claiming it’s a blatant copy. [More]

So bright.

Walmart Will Start Selling The iPhone 5c For $27 (With A 2-Year Contract) On Friday

Wait… this Friday isn’t even the day after Thanksgiving and already I’m sensing hordes of people seeking a big discount crashing through the doors at Walmart. And I know I didn’t get that time machine working yet, so the fact that Walmart is selling the iPhone 5c for $27 on Friday must be some kind of crazy freak sale. [More]

I can't see a lock from here.

Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhones Without SIM Cards

Maybe you’re always traveling to Siberia, Madagascar, Belize and back again. Or perhaps you just hate being tied down with a carrier contract. Apple has either been reading your mind or just decided it’s a worthwhile business move to offer customers unlocked iPhone 5s phones that are SIM card free. [More]

What Does A Gold iPhone 5S Look Like After The Blendtec Is Done With It?

What Does A Gold iPhone 5S Look Like After The Blendtec Is Done With It?

Are you in the market for a new pile of shredded smartphone bits but just can’t decide which one will have the best results when blended? Perhaps you can’t choose between the rainbow of color options offered by the iPhone 5c, but you aren’t totally sold on the shreddable charms of the gold iPhone 5s. The only way to decide is to see which is prettier after The Blendtec’s “Will it blend?” test, of course. [More]

Could someone lift your print and use it to gain access to your phone?

Did These Hackers Just Win $20K, Booze & A Dirty Book By Beating Apple’s Touch ID?

Someone — or, as it turns out, a number of someones — might be the proud new owner(s) of a couple books, a bottle of wine and another of bourbon and oh yeah, around $20,000 in cash after a hacker group claims to have beaten Apple’s new fingerprint scanner, Touch ID. This, just a few days after the iPhone 5S descended on the public. [More]

Armed Robbers Strike iPhone Vigil Crowd In Houston

Armed Robbers Strike iPhone Vigil Crowd In Houston

Yes, people really still do cam out to get their hands on the latest iPhone. The campers outside of an AT&T store in Houston took a calculated risk by waiting there instead of the more popular waiting spot at the Apple Store. The risk didn’t pay off: armed robbers came by in the wee hours of the morning. [More]

Think you can beat Apple's fingerprint-scanning tech? There's at least $15,000 waiting to be claimed if you can.

Cash & Booze Rewards Offered To First Person To Fool iPhone’s Fingerprint Scanner

As soon as Apple confirmed rumors that the new iPhone 5S would use a fingerprint-scanning technology to unlock the device, people began imagining different ways in which it could be hacked. Now that it’s finally going on sale, folks are offering rewards — from cash to booze — to the first person who can trick the fingerprint scanner into accepting a bogus print. [More]

The neon! My eyes!

Walmart Will Again Sell New iPhones Cheaper Than Apple’s Retail Price

Walmart knows you’re positively panting with anticipation at getting your greedy little paws on Apple’s newest dingledongles, the iPhone 5s and its purty plastic counterpart, the iPhone 5c. And in order to make sure customers come a’swarming through its doors on the big day, the retailer is offering a discount on both phones. [More]

The iPhone 5C was one of two new iPhones announced today.

The World Is Allowed To Continue Turning Now That Apple Has Unveiled New iPhones

For months, crowds have been huddled outside Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA, residing in makeshift tent cities, living off the land and what food they can barter with townsfolk, all while waiting for the good lord of the manor, Tim Cook, to exit his chambers and announce unto the world the details of a new iPhone. Well, it’s finally happened and… it’s a phone (well, two phones), just like you’d expected. [More]


There’s A New iPhone Coming. Where Should You Sell Your Old One?

Every year, the trees shed their leaves before winter comes, and gadget-lovers shed their iPhones once the new one appears on store shelves. While rumor circulate about exactly what the newest version will have (a thumbprint reader? A glorious golden case?) we know for sure that Apple fans want to know where they can get the most cash for their stale old phones. [More]


New Year, New Speculation On iPhone 5S — Or Is It iPhone 6?

Because everyone is already bored with the smartphones they received as recently as last week, there is already a bunch of buzz about the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone, though there seems to be debate about the name. [More]