Apple Reportedly, Maybe, Possibly Thinking About Bringing iMessage To Android Devices

Apple Reportedly, Maybe, Possibly Thinking About Bringing iMessage To Android Devices

If there’s one feeling that many iOS users share, it’s the anticipatory rush you get when you see those three blinking dots in the iMessage app that means someone is typing (unless they just stop and destroy you entirely). Android users may someday share that distinct emotion, according to renewed buzz. [More]

iMessage Users Report Attempted Hacks

iMessage Users Report Attempted Hacks

When it comes to trying to breach the data on iPhones, scammy text messages are apparently all the rage. In just the last year, we’ve had the text that could instantly crash an iPhone, and the flaw that allowed hackers to steal your saved passwords with a single text. Now, some Apple users are reporting another possible hack attempt, this time through their iMessage accounts. [More]


Apple Patent Shows System Designed To Let People Pay Their Friends From Inside iOS Apps

Usually when I’m harassing my roommate via text message to pay me back for the pizza and beer I bought her the night before, I have to use another app to request that $519 (we really like pizza). Apple is thinking about offering another option, it seems, with a patent for a system that would allow iMessage users to pay each other from within the messaging app itself, as well as from within other iOS features. [More]

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Judge Denies Class-Action Status For Lawsuit Filed By Former iPhone User Over Lost Texts

A former iPhone user who sued Apple last May claiming she lost text messages when she switched to an Android phone won’t be able to get class-action status for her lawsuit. [More]


Apple Will Go To Court After Judge Gives Disappearing iMessage Lawsuit The Green Light

The first of two lawsuits aimed at Apple over the issue of disappearing iMessages that don’t make it to the Android phones of former iPhone users has been given the go-ahead by a judge, which means Apple will have to respond to the allegations in court. [More]


Apple Introduces Tool To Help Ex-iPhone Owners Get Missing Texts

Where did all of the missing texts go? Apple insisted back in May that they solved the problem of text messages that go missing after users switch to phones using other operating systems, but users claim that messages from iPhone-using friends still went missing. Some even filed a lawsuit claiming that Apple’s iMessage servers still “intercept” their messages. Now Apple has introduced a Web app for that. [More]

Results for four of the 39 services currently evaluated on the EFF's Secure Messaging Scorecard.

Secure Messaging Scorecard Shows Just How Unprotected Your Online Chats Are

The Internet is a place where hundreds of millions of people go to write things they wouldn’t — or can’t — say in public, and many of the most private and secretive communications occur via the many instant messaging services available to consumers. But what you may not realize when sharing your personal thoughts (and images) with someone online is that the level of privacy and security on these services varies wildly from one to the next. [More]

Case Of The Missing Text Messages: Apple Claims To Have Fixed iMessage Server Glitch

Case Of The Missing Text Messages: Apple Claims To Have Fixed iMessage Server Glitch

Apple says consumers who recently switched from iPhones to Android devices should soon be able to rest easier, after it claims to have fixed one issue that left some people unable to receive text messages from iPhone users. [More]

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Former iPhone User Suing Apple Over Unreceived Texts After Switching To Android

If you wouldn’t mind casting your mind back to Wednesday, we learned that many former iPhone users who’d made the switch to an Android phone have been having problems receiving text messages from iPhones, if they got them at all. And now one consumer is taking that seemingly unaddressed issue all the way to a lawsuit seeking class-action status. [More]


Trouble Getting Texts From iPhones After Switching To Android? You’re Not Alone

UPDATE: A Consumerist reader and former AT&T tech rep has a possible fix for some iPhone-to-Android switchers having this problem. Which, by the emails we’ve gotten since posting the original story below, is happening to a lot of our readers. [More]

Smartphone Message Service Read Receipts — Stress Incarnate Or Peace Of Mind?

As messaging applications on smartphones continue to sidle into the territory previously occupied strictly by traditional SMS texting, users are being confronted with a sometimes uncomfortable proposition. Namely, that whoever is on the other end can see when you’ve read their message, and you can see if they’re ignoring you or not as well. [More]

Traditional Texting Slows As Instant Messaging Grows In Popularity

Traditional Texting Slows As Instant Messaging Grows In Popularity

Texting? That is just so 2010. The cool thing these days is instant message texting with applications like BlackBerry Messenger, or Apple’s upcoming iMessage, which use the Internet to send texts instead of service carriers. [More]