Apple Introduces Tool To Help Ex-iPhone Owners Get Missing Texts

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Where did all of the missing texts go? Apple insisted back in May that they solved the problem of text messages that go missing after users switch to phones using other operating systems, but users claim that messages from iPhone-using friends still went missing. Some even filed a lawsuit claiming that Apple’s iMessage servers still “intercept” their messages. Now Apple has introduced a Web app for that.


Former iPhone users have been relieved to learn that their friends still like them, but annoyed at the delays and lost messages that have occurred because Apple is unable to let them go. Some customers even had the idea to file a lawsuit accusing Apple of “intercepting” their messages under federal wiretapping laws. While it took more than six months, Apple finally has a tool for customers desperate to get their messages off Apple’s servers: a simple Web page that lets them deregister their phone number from iMessage.

If you do decide to leave your iPhone behind, you should visit this page before you learn that your friends are sending texts that don’t reach you. It will save a lot of awkwardness.

Deregister iMessage [Apple]

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