You Can Have Your Own Private IMAX Theater At Home For Just $400K (Movies Not Included)

Do you have a very large room in your house and $400,000 burning a hole in your pocket? You can pay just under half a million to have a private IMAX home theater installed, but renting movies will cost you extra. [More]

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IMAX Demands Website Retract Story That Has Virtually Nothing To Do With IMAX

The folks at IMAX need to learn when to take a compliment. When someone name-drops your brand as an aspirational standard, you should smile and appreciate the respect. What you shouldn’t do is demand that a news website retract an entire story just because someone mentions your brand. [More]

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3D, Smell-O-Vision & Indoor Weather: Rating The Best & Worst Movie Theater Innovations

Summer blockbuster season is almost upon us. The months of kicking back in the full-blast air conditioning and watching digitally-created stuff blow up will begin in just a couple of weeks, and at this point, it’s an annual ritual. [More]

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Regal Cinemas Raising Ticket Prices 4% Because You’re All Still Gonna Pay

Thanks to innovations like 3D and IMAX (or IMAX-ish), going to see a movie in theaters is an experience that a home theater really can’t match, even if a home theater has the benefit of comfier seats and no obnoxious strangers. The bosses of Regal Cinemas, one of the chains that have consolidated Americans’ away-from-home movie experience, understand this. So they’re going to raise ticket prices some more. [More]

IMAX Says It's Neither Length Nor Girth Of Screens That Matters — It's 'Perception'

IMAX Says It's Neither Length Nor Girth Of Screens That Matters — It's 'Perception'

As we established last week, not all IMAX screens are the same. Some are amazingly gimongous while others are only moderately gargantuan.

Does Your Local Cinema Have IMAX or Just IMAX Lite?

Does Your Local Cinema Have IMAX or Just IMAX Lite?

I can admit this here, and only thousands of people will judge me, but: I’m a sort of a nerd. I was really excited when the Regal Cinema at my local mall started knocking down walls to put in an IMAX theater. And none of this documentary-with-swooping-cameras motion sickness crap you get at the museum IMAX theaters, either—they were showing actual cinematic releases. Like “Star Trek.” And “The Dark Knight.” Also, “Star Trek.”