Waitress Receives Tip To Lose A Few Pounds Instead Of Actual Money

Here’s a tip, diners: Your server deserves money for bringing you your food, not your snide scrawling suggesting changes in appearance. One waitress in Washington was unlucky enough to receive just such an insulting “tip.”

Line Out interviews Victoria, a Capitol Hill waitress working at a cantina where a man left her a whopping zero dollars on his $28.69 tab. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he also wrote on the tip line, “P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds.”

Our response? Hey jerk! You could stand to lose the attitude and stop being such a terrible human being.

So did Victoria provoke said customer with a surly attitude? Not so much. She says:

There are two things that led him to behave like that in my mind. He came in and I was, though I regret it now, very nice to him. Also, he ordered a taco and I recommended he get a double decker (he wasn’t drunk and I knew a taco wrapped in a bean taco would keep him undrunk). His lady friend called it “carb hell” so apparently it was a very offensive menu suggestion. He was dressed like “Boy” from Little Monsters with Fred Savage. I remember thinking when she put her gold Kate Spade purse on the bar, “I’m f*****d.”

She says he also emptied the tip jar into his his pocket before leaving, just for good measure.

Payback’s a you-know-what, however, as Victoria is in possession of this bad consumer’s name, being as it was on his credit card, and has published it on Facebook and mentioned it in interviews enough to ensure he’ll get some strong words from strangers for a long time.

Receipt Creep: Capitol Hill Debacle [Line Out]

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