Hotels Eliminating Hand Lotion, Coffee, Providing Fewer Towels

If you’re a frequent business traveler your life is probably getting less and less plush as the economic disaster continues. Hotels say that they are cutting small amenities such as hand lotion, coffee, extra towels and buffet breakfasts in order to save money.

Some frequent travelers gripe that the small cuts can add up to a big annoyance. Bruce Schobel, an actuary from Princeton, N.J., who traveled about 200 nights last year, says he has noticed longer lines at front desks and less food variety at breakfasts in recent months. “None of them in and of themselves is a huge deal, but all put together … finally you say, this isn’t fun anymore.”

After a series of management meetings on cost cutting in December, Wyndham decided to take sewing kits, mouth wash and shower caps out of rooms. Instead, these products are kept behind the front desk, where guests can request them, says David Martin, senior vice president of operations for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, a unit of Wyndham Worldwide Corp. He says Wyndham also will reduce the number of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths by one in every room to save on laundry and purchasing costs.

If you’re booking a big corporate event, however, expect to get a great deal with lots of perks. Hotels are desperate to hold on to lucrative event contracts. Everyone else? Not so much.

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