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Horse Burgers? Whatever, South Africa Has A Donkey Meat Problem To Deal With

While Europe grapples with its growing horsemeat problem, their consumer brethren in South Africa have a new beef with their beef — namely that a lot of it actually contains donkey, water buffalo and goat meat. Some of those four-legged creatures might be a part of a daily diet in that country, but still, meat should be labeled correctly. Is that so much to ask? [More]


U.K. Health Officials Find “Beef” Lasagna Meals Containing 60%-100% Horse Meat

Our neighbors across the pond are caught in an equine-lover’s nightmare: First, beef hamburgers on shelves were found to contain horse DNA and recalled, after authorities traced the contamination back to a couple processing plants. Burger King got caught up in it as well, although no burgers with horse in them made it to stores. And now the scandal has spread to frozen “beef” lasagna meals. [More]