Best Buy Will Bring Back Free Shipping On All Online Purchases

Image courtesy of frankieleon

When does the “holiday season” begin? Apparently, for Best Buy, it still begins in late October. The Minnesota-based electronics retailer is re-introducing free shipping for the holiday shopping season, from now through Dec. 24. We’re in the holiday shopping season? Does Best Buy sell Halloween costumes now?

Sure, this is not much of a deal, since Best Buy normally offers free shipping on items above $35, and most items that you’d buy there cost well over $35. The scheme does make it simpler to ship one gift under the limit directly to the recipient. You could also order a last-minute cable or connector that goes with another item that you’ve purchased as a holiday gift or to just take advantage of the deals.

Last year, Best Buy did the same, and its online business has been growing rapidly and helping the company survive, something that we would not have expected seven or eight years ago.

According to an early leak of Target’s 2016 toy catalog, the discount chain will also offer free shipping on all items bought online when it kicks off the holiday season, though the retailer hasn’t confirmed that yet.

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