Glamour’s Stilleto Death Race Footage

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Here’s video of Glamour Mag’s stiletto-on-cobblestones race held this morning, courtesy of Gawker.

Only 150 entrants were allowed. All had to be women (no trannies) sporting a copy of Glamour’s March fashion issue and wearing stilettos with heels at least 7 cm high, and at most 1.5 cm wide. Nancy Kwam, a 20 year-old journalism student, won. She’s uncertain where she’ll spend the
10,000 but supposes it will be a little something to add to the Chanel glasses, Gucci collar and Armani suit she raced in.

Alas, there was no death in the Dutch Glamour magazine high-heel death race. Nor twisted ankles. But, oh yes, copious amounts of glamour! And even–glamor!

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