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Another Broadband CEO Admits: Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Capacity

Supporters of internet data caps want to have things both ways: admitting that the monthly usage limits have nothing to do with congestion, while simultaneously arguing that those who use the most should pay more (but not that those who use the least should get any discount). Thus it’s refreshing that one broadband exec both acknowledged the congestion myth and said his company has no intention of instituting caps… at least for now. [More]

Brad Clinesmith

New Frontier Customers Get Bad First Impression After Verizon Sale And Switchover

Back in February, Frontier Communications and Verizon announced a massive deal where Verizon sold broadband, cable TV, and voice markets in California, Texas, and Florida to Frontier. Millions of customers came along with the sale, and they were supposed to be switched from Verizon to Frontier on April 1. Considering how well the switch went, that wasn’t a good date to choose. [More]

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State Lawmaker Says Cable Company Blocking Broadband Legislation

While we all know that companies don’t spend piles of cash on campaign contributions and lobbying just to support candidates they believe in, it’s rare to hear an in-office politician openly calling out his colleagues for bending to the will of a corporate backer. [More]

Brad Clinesmith

Frontier Customers Sue, Alleging They Don’t Get Advertised Internet Speeds

In a recently filed class-action suit, Frontier Communications customers in West Virginia allege the cable/Internet company advertised high-speed broadband packages but then failed to deliver, only providing a fraction of what customers were promised. [More]


Customer Pens Break-Up Letter To Frontier Communications CEO, Gets Positive Response

We’ve written before about the perils of authoring angry, profane rants at the companies that do nothing but disappoint. But we didn’t really say anything about tongue-in-cheek, purple prose that treats one’s relationship with his DSL provider like it’s a Harlequin romance novel (minus the steamy parts). [More]

Frontier Bills For Phantom Phone Line For 5 Months

Frontier Bills For Phantom Phone Line For 5 Months

Back in the cold days of January, reader Chris moved away from FiOS territory. It was very sad for everyone involved, but he and his household moved on, subscribing to DSL service from Frontier. One DSL line just wasn’t enough Internet tubes for his household, so they looked into getting a second line and modem, but they couldn’t have a second “dry loop” DSL line. They had to get a phone package along with it. Chris was happy to hand over his money for this service, but Frontier was not so happy to hand over his modem so he can actually start the service. They never sent it, but keep billing him for the service and equipment anyway. [More]

Please, Make The Imaginary DSL Bills Stop

It’s not that Whitney is stuck in a zombie debt situation. Her problem is that her debt never existed in the first place. She’s being billed for DSL service by “Frontier Communications” – which is a real company, but that doesn’t seem to be who she’s dealing with. The Frontier that’s billing Whitney is unreachable and apparently not real, despite their ability to generate bills, then sell them to a collection agency. If that’s the case, though, how did they get her credit card information to bill her? [More]

Frontier Takes Over Our Internet Service, Slows It Waaaaay Down

Frontier Takes Over Our Internet Service, Slows It Waaaaay Down

As Verizon builds their FiOS network, they’ve sold off their landline and DSL business in many markets to Frontier. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has been for Nick and other former Verizon customers in his town in West Virginia. Their connection speed fell to one-sixth of what it was with Verizon. The speed has improved recently, but they’ve traded consistent slowness for intermittent outages. Nick can now stay online for about two minutes at a time. [More]