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VW Dealers Sue Carmaker For Fraud Over Emissions-Cheating Diesels

A week after the Federal Trade Commission sued Volkswagen for deceptively advertising “clean diesel” cars equipped with “defeat device” software to cheat on emissions tests, the carmaker finds itself on the receiving end of another big lawsuit — this time from its own dealers, who accuse VW of intentionally defrauding them.


Tampa Bay-area McDonald's restaurants debuted a new chicken burger on Monday.

Florida McDonald’s Franchisees Testing Ground Chicken Burgers

Who needs a regular old hamburger — or a turkey burger, or a chicken filet — when you can get a burger made from ground chicken instead? At least that’s the thought process for the operators of 202 McDonald’s restaurants in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. [More]


McRib Returning, But Only To 55% Of U.S. McDonald’s

Last November, the McRib returned in all its glory to nearly three-quarters of McDonald’s U.S. locations. This year, however, the (real) meat patty with (fake) ribs will be a bit harder to find, as many franchisees have decided to forgo the limited-time item. [More]


Why Your Cable Company Doesn’t Always Know If Your New Address Gets Service

There’s a story we hear far too often: someone is buying a house. Before they put any money down, they do their research. They call the local cable/Internet provider to make sure they can get broadband service at this new address. They double-check. They triple-check. They search the property for wires, call back, and make sure they’ll be okay. Then they take out the mortgage, move in, and… surprise! There’s no broadband service after all, there won’t be any, and now they’re up a very expensive creek. [More]


Kentucky Fried Chicken Started With An Iron Pan, Dining Room Table & A Gas Station

When we imagine Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, we see an older man with a white beard and neatly pressed suit. But that’s not really how the foray into feeding the masses started for Harland Sanders. Instead, things began on a much smaller scale for the entrepreneur, who was in his 60s by the time he started letting others sell his chicken recipe. [More]

Hyatt Sells 38 Hotels For $590 Million, Plans To Franchise Them As Lower-Cost Brands

Hyatt Sells 38 Hotels For $590 Million, Plans To Franchise Them As Lower-Cost Brands

The Hyatt Hotels Corp. just got a bit smaller. The Chicago-based company plans to sell off some of its select-service hotels as franchises. The first sale includes 38 hotels for the nice price of $590 million. [More]

Faked/Altered Customer Satisfaction Suveys: Marriott

Faked/Altered Customer Satisfaction Suveys: Marriott

(Corporate hotels have little to worry about because if they foul up, Marriott will just send in a glut of extra labor to fix the problem.) So how to keep labor costs way down and keep the scores way up? Easy.