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BCBG Max Azria Files For Bankruptcy, Admits It’s No Longer Chic

The fashion retailer BCBG Max Azria closed 120 stores at the beginning of last month, setting off speculation that it might be about to file for bankruptcy. This speculation was correct: The purveyor of dressy yet affordable clothes filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, seeking to either sell the business or make a deal that would give its junior creditors a stake in the business instead of cash. [More]

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Wet Seal Considering Second Bankruptcy In Two Years

No, we haven’t gone into reruns: Wet Seal, a clothing retailer geared toward women in their teens and twenties, is considering celebrating the second anniversary of its last bankruptcy by popping the cork on a second one. This time, though, the chain is hoping to quietly sell itself without going through the expense and hassle of court proceedings. [More]


Get Ready To See Even More Exclusions On Department Store Coupons

If department stores can’t break their addiction to discounting, designer brands want to help. Brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade are selling fewer of their products in department stores. Other brands are keeping their items in stores, but insisting that they not be discounted. [More]

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Meijer Ditches Plus-Size Department To Attract More Plus-Size Customers: Wait, What?

At a time when clothing retailers are fretting over their business, there’s one segment of the market where sales are actually increasing: plus-size women’s clothing. Discount store Meijer is taking advantage of this change, and is changing things so the plus-size department will go away, and sizes XS through XXXL will be on the same rack together. [More]


Delta’s New, Purple High-Fashion Zac Posen Uniforms Heading High Up Into The Sky

Delta Air Lines announced in 2015 that it would be starting a partnership with designer Zac Posen for its new ground and flight crew uniforms. This week, those uniforms hit the runway — the one models walk, not the one planes fly — and we can say one thing with confidence: They’re purple. Really, really purple. [More]

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Luxury Conglomerate LVMH Is Definitely Not Selling Through Amazon

LVMH is a luxury conglomerate named after only two of its brands, Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton. Other brands it owns that you might have heard of are Dom Pérignon, Dior, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Sephora. Yet while you can find its products in most department stores, you will not find them being sold officially at the Everything Store: LVMH will definitely not be selling its products on Amazon. [More]

Nordstrom Removes Clothing Line That Features Prescription Bottle Purses, Pill-Decorated Dresses

Nordstrom Removes Clothing Line That Features Prescription Bottle Purses, Pill-Decorated Dresses

Just because a high-end fashion designer makes a purse that looks like a pill bottle doesn’t mean consumers are going to find it any less controversial than the syringe pens sold at Target or the prescription pill bottle shot glasses from Urban Outfitters. For that reason, Nordstrom says it will no longer sell a line of clothing from Italian designer Moschino.  [More]

Facebook Would Like To Know If An Advertiser Scammed You

Facebook Would Like To Know If An Advertiser Scammed You

It’s one thing if an online ad is misleading or misrepresents the site that you click on, but what happens when you order an item that isn’t as promised? As overseas clothing companies that market solely through Facebook have proliferated, some customers blame Facebook, even though the site doesn’t vet the products and services of every advertiser. Now, at least, Facebook wants to listen if you’re scammed or misled by an ad on the site. [More]

Amazon Now Selling Clothing Under Its Own In-House Brands

Amazon Now Selling Clothing Under Its Own In-House Brands

In yet another effort to completely and totally dominate the shopping world, Amazon has apparently started a few private label clothing brands and has been quietly shilling apparel and accessories under those trademarked names with nary a press release to let anyone know. [More]

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent the Runway, a company that lets customers rent pricey outfits for special events, now rents out their own brands alongside designer clothes and accessories. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with promoting those brands as if they’re from noted designers, assigning them made-up retail values. Even worse: some of those “exclusive” items can be found on department store websites, where you can buy them for less than it would cost to rent them. [More]

Amazon May Launch Its Own Clothing Brand To Offer More Options For Customers

Amazon May Launch Its Own Clothing Brand To Offer More Options For Customers

Back in May, Amazon announced it was toying with the idea of creating its own house brand for everyday items like cereal and diapers. Not content to just stay in your cabinets, the e-commerce giant is apparently on the verge of infiltrating our closets with its own private-label fashion line.  [More]

MasterCard Launches Program To Make Anything – Clothes, Rings – A Payment Device

MasterCard Launches Program To Make Anything – Clothes, Rings – A Payment Device

MasterCard’s quest to make paying for things easier already includes a few out-there systems: verification via selfie for online orders, anyone? And it doesn’t appear that the credit card company is holding back in its latest endeavor, partnering with a fashion designer and other companies to create an array of consumer products-turned-mobile payment systems. Because, you know, paying with pieces of plastic and phones was so last year.  [More]

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Doctors Warn: Squatting In Skinny Jeans May Lead To Nerve Damage

If you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that there was something not quite right about the trend of encasing your lower half in skintight denim, that feeling might be justified: Researchers say squatting while wearing skinny jeans can cause not only temporary discomfort, but nerve damage as well.



Consumers Love Designer Brands, Hate Products Splattered With Logos

The luxury goods industry has a problem: its customers now prefer subtlety. That means that bags that serve as walking billboards yet cost thousands of dollars just don’t sell like they used to. The global rich are now more interested in subtlety and craftsmanship, or they’re tired of feeling like they’re showing off. Maybe both. [More]

This is a regular Michael Kors store, where outlet items would never have been sold. (Mike Mozart)

Michael Kors Settles Class Action Over Imaginary Outlet Prices

Outlet shoppers know the drill: items are marked with a “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price,” and then an outlet price. What does that mean when you’re shopping at the Michael Kors outlet, and the merchandise is all made for the outlet? That makes the suggested price meaningless, and is exactly what a recent class action suit against the fashion company alleged. The suit has been settled, and the fashion company has agreed to pay consumers a total of $4.88 million to make up for years of imaginary price tags. [More]

Jones New York Will Close Stores, End Wholesale Business

Jones New York Will Close Stores, End Wholesale Business

This week hasn’t exactly brought good news for women’s fashion. Kate Spade announced yesterday that it would shutter its Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade stores, and today, Jones New York announced it would close stores and discontinue its wholesale business. [More]

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Sales Of Jeans Are Down 6%, Everybody Panic

The impending demise of jeans is currently big news. Is it really news, though? Are Americans really eschewing indigo-colored cotton, moving on to elastic-waisted options like leggings and yoga pants? Current trends and the preferences of teens indicate that the next few years might be tough ones for companies in the blue-jeans biz. [More]

An image from the newest Nordstrom catalog.

Nordstrom Catalog Acknowledges That People With Disabilities Like Fashion Too

Much in the way that not everyone is a size 0 or built like a Greek god, not everyone who wants to dress in nice clothes has the use of all of their limbs. Then there are all the people with disabilities that aren’t immediately evident, but which nonetheless have a huge impact on their lives. These folks represent billions of dollars in buying power, but often go overlooked in fashion advertising, though not in the pages of Nordstrom catalogs. [More]