Turning the feature on; after the message disappears into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Facebook Testing Self-Destructing Messages

Facebook is reportedly trying a totally new, completely novel, never-before-seen kind of message — oh, hang on a second, Snapchat has been doing self-destructing photos and videos for a while now. But anyway, Facebook apparently wants to do that kind of thing, too. [More]

Facebook Bringing 360-Degree Video To iOS Newsfeeds

Facebook Bringing 360-Degree Video To iOS Newsfeeds

While we once wondered why Facebook would spend $2 billion to buy virtual reality company Oculus, we’re starting to get answers. Two months after Facebook said it was working to bring virtual reality to consumers’ phones via newsfeed ads, the social media company unveiled an iOS version.  [More]

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Coming Soon: Facebook Will Ask If You’re Really, Really Sure You Want To Upload That Photo From Last Night

In the early stages of a Sunday morning hangover, your bleary eyes and the residual alcohol in your system might make you think you looked really good in that photo from last night, but Facebook’s artificial intelligence knows better: the social media behemoth is working on technology that will warn users when they’re about to upload photos they shouldn’t. [More]


Facebook Tweaking “Real Name” Policy To Make It Easier For Users To Verify That They Are Who They Claim To Be

If you’ve ever tried to insist to Facebook that you really do go by the name Her Magnificence The Empress Of Catland and been frustrated at your efforts, things are about to change: the company announced it’s tweaking its so-called “real name” policy to make it easier for users to verify that they really do answer to a name other than their legal one. [More]


Don’t Go To Chick-Fil-A On Friday Expecting Unlimited Nuggets For $13

Word has spread across the Internet of a truly glorious event coming up later this week: all you can eat chicken nuggets and waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A for four hours in the evening. People shared the ad on Facebook and adjusted their weekend plans accordingly, but failed to notice one important detail: the promotion is only at one location, in Florida. [More]

Facebook Wants To Kill Game Invites And The “Other Messages” Folder, Users Rejoice

Facebook Wants To Kill Game Invites And The “Other Messages” Folder, Users Rejoice

We have good news and bad news when it comes to Facebook features. The social media platform is getting rid of two almost universally-disliked features: the “Other” inbox that hardly anyone used, and the ability to send your friends game invites that they probably don’t want. However, the replacement spam-filter could be more annoying than the existing solution. [More]

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Facebook Wins Dismissal Of $15 Billion Privacy Lawsuit

It’s been more than three years since a federal judge in California heard arguments in a large class-action lawsuit filed against Facebook over its questionable privacy practices. Finally, on Friday that judge sided with the social network and threw out the case — while leaving open the option for plaintiffs to revise and re-file their case. [More]

Facebook Updates Search Function; Now Is A Great Time To Run And Check All Your Privacy Settings

Facebook Updates Search Function; Now Is A Great Time To Run And Check All Your Privacy Settings

Facebook search is… well, kind of a joke. It can tell you which 400 people in your area have similar names to that one person you want to connect to but aren’t quite them, but it’s not great for finding that post you really, really wanted to dig up from last year with that article you half-remember. Until now. [More]

A sample of the notice Facebook will send out to users who are targets of state-sponsored attacks.

Facebook Will Now Alert You If You’re The Victim Of A Government-Sponsored Cyber Attack

Are you sick of those boring old Facebook notices for birthdays, group updates, event invites, and even the occasional “poke” from someone who still thinks it’s 2007? Maybe you need some international intrigue to liven up your day. Thankfully, Facebook will be there to let you know if your profile has been targeted by a government-sponsored cyber attack. [More]

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Facebook Testing A Dedicated Shopping Feed That Features Retailers’ Posts About Sales

Facebook is continuing its effort to push users to shop within the confines of the social network, announcing today that it’s testing a dedicated shopping feed that will feature deals and sales from different retailers’ pages. [More]

Facebook Reveals New Set Of 6 Emoji “Reactions” To Go Along With The “Like” Button

Facebook Reveals New Set Of 6 Emoji “Reactions” To Go Along With The “Like” Button

At long last, Facebook has removed the veil from its highly anticipated “Dislike” button — only it’s not quite that simple. The social network revealed a set of six emojis to go along with the traditional thumbs-up: a heart for “love,” then emoticons for “Haha,” “Yay,” “Wow,” “Sad” and “Angry.” [More]

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Court Overturns Conviction Of Landlord Who Threatened To Post Sex Tape On Facebook

If you go on Facebook and threaten to post a sex tape featuring a public official, is that a threat or is it free speech protected by the First Amendment? The highest court in Georgia has overturned the six-year prison sentence of a man who said he’d share raunchy footage of a court clerk, mostly because said sex tape didn’t exist. [More]

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Facebook Is Testing 7-Second Video Profile Pictures

Because torturing yourself by gazing at your ex’s profile pic on Facebook might not be punishment enough, Facebook is now testing video profile photos (really, profile videos) that can be up to seven seconds and will be set to loop over and over while you keep staring/crying. [More]

No, Facebook Will Not Be Charging You To Keep Your Profiles Private

Facebook's official statement on the rumor of a $5.99/month privacy tier.

If you’ve visited Facebook at all in the last few hours, you’ve most likely seen any number of your online acquaintances posting the terrifying news that Facebook will soon be charging users $5.99/month too keep their profiles private. It might sound believable for those who aren’t familiar with how Facebook actually makes its money, but the fact is that the company says it has no plans to start charging anyone. Even more pointless are the supposed “copyright” notices people are posting in the hopes that it will protect them. [More]

This is not a real thing.

New Scam Preys On Facebook Users’ Desire For A “Dislike” Button

There’s one relatively simple way scammers can hook their prey: by knowing exactly what you really want and acting like they’re giving it to you. But as much as you want to be able to express something other than “like” with a button on Facebook, it’s not here yet, and it’s not going to be invite-only when it does arrive. [More]

Facebook will now offer an option for advertisers where they only pay for an ad impression of 100% of an advertisement shows up in a user's newsfeed.

Facebook Trying To Assure Advertisers That Their Ads Are Actually (Maybe, Possibly) Being Seen

Will you do something for us? Take a quick, 10-second look at just about any site that isn’t Consumerist and then come back here. Done? Now see if you can remember all — or any — of the ads on that page. You probably can’t because (A) we’ve trained ourselves to ignore ad units and (B) you probably skimmed past or didn’t even get to a lot of the ads on that page. Advertisers know this, which is why Facebook is offering an option that only charges them when someone sees 100% of their ad. [More]

The opposite of this could be coming to a Facebook page near you soon. (afagen)

Facebook Close To Unveiling The Long-Awaited “Dislike” Button

Nearly a year after Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg said the company was kinda, sorta looking into creating a “dislike” button for all those posts you, well, don’t like, he says the social network is on the cusp of unveiling a companion for the often overused thumbs-up sign. [More]

Facebook Reportedly Working On A Virtual Reality Video Smartphone App

Facebook Reportedly Working On A Virtual Reality Video Smartphone App

Nearly a year and a half after Facebook paid $2 billion to buy virtual reality company Oculus, the online behemoth is apparently ready to bring some virtual reality technology to its social media platform. [More]