Facebook Relaunches “Safety Center” Anti-Bullying Hub With More Resources

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Six years ago Facebook launched The Safety Center as a way to address bullying and provide users with copies of the social network’s community standards to ensure that anyone using the site can do so safely. Today, the company relaunched the Center and updated its Bullying Prevention Hub in order to reach more of its 1.7 billion users.

Facebook on Monday launched the redesigned Safety Center through a partnership with 60 non-profit organizations, providing in-depth resources in 50 languages to encourage “safe and secure sharing” on the network.

“People come to Facebook to share some of their most important moments in life, and we’ve built the Safety Center to help people control their experience on our platform and feel safe being themselves,” Antigone Davis, head of global security with Facebook, said in an announcement of the redesigned service.

Under the new service, users will find descriptions and a tutorial showing them how to control who sees their posts and whose posts they see, as well information on the company’s community standards.

The revamped Center highlights ways that people can maintain their safety on the site, including using two-step verification for logging in, how to report offensive posts, and how to perform privacy and security checkups.

Additionally, the Center includes guides specialized to certain groups people from baby boomers to women, military families, and others.

“For Facebook, making the world more open and connected, giving people the power to share some of their most important moments, means keeping people and their information safe,” Davis wrote. “We hope you find our new Safety Center informative and engaging.”

In addition to relaunching the Safety Center, Facebook also revamped its Bully Prevention Hub, which serves as a resource for teens, parents, and educators seeking to address and prevent bullying.

The Hub, which launched in 2013 as a partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, is now a collaboration with 50 partners around the world. By partnering with more groups, the network hopes its tools are used in more cases where they are warranted.

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