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Samsung Executive Sentenced To Five Years In Jail For Part In Bribery Case

Samsung vice chairman Jay Y. Lee, who was indicted and arrested in February in connection with a massive bribery case in South Korea, has been found guilty on multiple charges and sentenced to five years in prison. [More]


Former Bank Of America VP Accused Of Making $2.7M In Bogus Donations

A former Bank of America executive, along with her husband and another person, have been accused of bank fraud for their alleged involvement in an embezzlement scheme that involved making millions of dollars of fake donations in the bank’s name. [More]

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Samsung Vice Chair, Four Others Indicted On Bribery & Embezzlement Charges

A week after a South Korean court approved a warrant for the arrest of Samsung vice chairman Jay Y. Lee in connection with a bribery case, the executive and four others were officially indicted.  [More]

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Federal Prosecutors Accuse Toys ‘R’ Us Employee Of Stealing $2 Million From Accounts For Truckers

Here’s how eCash for truck drivers at Toys ‘R’ Us was supposed to work. Authorized employees would load the cash on drivers’ debit cards, and the drivers would use that money for things like meals, lodging, and repairs to their vehicles. Employees other than drivers are not supposed to load up a debit card with company money, then withdraw cash at an ATM. Yet one man is accused of doing exactly that, taking out $1.89 million over a period of almost three years. [More]

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NFL Linebacker Files $20M Lawsuit Against Bank Of America For Alleged Fraud

When looking to manage one’s money, it wouldn’t be unusual to seek advice from the financial professionals at one of the country’s largest banks. But an NFL linebacker says his decision to rely on Bank of America to manage his finances cost him millions of dollars and led to the closing of his budding restaurant business. [More]

Best Buy Also Falls Victim To Embezzling Buyers

Best Buy Also Falls Victim To Embezzling Buyers

Another electronics store was taken for millions by an invoice-fixing scheme: a buyer for Best Buy and a vendor have been charged with overcharging Best Buy $31 million over four years.

Bloomingdales Employee Charged In Bogus Gift Card Scam

Bloomingdales Employee Charged In Bogus Gift Card Scam

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is prosecuting a Bloomingdale’s salesperson for running a month-long bogus gift card scam that netted $34,515 from the store, says the NY Sun.

It says Bloomingdale’s sales receipts were the key element of Ms. Ng’s alleged scheme.

Woman Embezzled  $2.89 Million To Finance Shopping Addiction

Woman Embezzled $2.89 Million To Finance Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is really sad, especially when it compels otherwise normal people to do something insane like steal $2.89 million dollars just to buy shoes and jewelry.

Kmart Settles A Bunch of Lawsuits

It’s a big day at Kmart. They’ve settled a bunch of lawsuits and they’re ready to move on. To what, I don’t know. I haven’t been inside a K-mart since 1983, and neither has anyone else without a lawsuit pending.