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AAA: Basically Everyone Has Experienced Road Rage

You grip the wheel a bit harder, you huff, and puff, and threaten under your breath to do awful things to the stranger who just cut you off, and then “HOOOOOOONK,” you lay on the horn for a solid 10 second. It’s called road rage, and most American drivers have experienced it, according to a new research report from AAA.

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This Is What Can Happen When You Play Pokémon Go While Driving

For anyone who thinks that warnings like this one from AAA to not play Pokémon Go while driving aren’t necessary, just look at what happened to a New York guy’s car after he peeked at his Pokémon for just a second behind the wheel. [More]


Uber Will Start Tracking Driver Behavior Through Its App

The next time your Uber driver takes a turn too fast or slams the brakes at the last second, Uber will know. The company says driver behavior will start to be tracked through its app soon. [More]

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Illinois Rakes In More License Plate Renewal Fees Than Usual After Failing To Mail Reminders

Some Illinois residents are a bit ticked off right now, after the state reaped $5.24 million more this year than it did in 2015 from license plate renewal fees. That’s a lot of money — were people just really distracted or forgetful this year? Not quite. An impasse on the state budget meant officials didn’t have the cash to mail reminders out to drivers. [More]


Uber Adds Tools To App For Drivers, Doesn’t Add Higher Pay Or In-App Tips

What drivers for ride-hailing apps really want is to make more money. They’d like higher fares, or for passengers to have the ability to tip them from inside the app: really, either of those would be great. Instead, drivers for Uber are getting a suite of handy features, like being able to pick up passengers traveling in the same direction as they want to end up. Not higher fares, though. [More]


San Francisco Requiring Uber, Lyft Drivers To Get Business Licenses

Though you might think of Uber and Lyft drivers as employees of those ridesharing services, the companies maintain that drivers are independent contractors who simply use the Uber or Lyft platforms to connect with passengers. That now means that several thousand of these independent operators in San Francisco must each obtain a business license.


Uber To Pay $25M To Settle Allegations It Misled Passengers On Drivers’ Safety, Fees

Less than two months after Uber agreed to pay $28.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of misleading consumers about its “industry leading” safety procedures, the ride-hailing company is ready to put another case behind it. The company will pay $25 million to settle a civil lawsuit with the district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco over nearly identical allegations.  [More]

GM Will Rent Cars To Lyft Drivers For $99/Week

GM Will Rent Cars To Lyft Drivers For $99/Week

If you were wondering what General Motors planned to do with its $500 million investment in ride-sharing service Lyft, you might have an answer; or at least part of one. The carmaker will now rent out Chevy Equinox SUVs to prospective drivers who lack the all-important piece of the ride-sharing puzzle: a set of wheels.  [More]

Uber To Pay $28.5M To Settle Allegations It Misled Customers On Safety Practices

Uber To Pay $28.5M To Settle Allegations It Misled Customers On Safety Practices

Ride-hailing service Uber has agreed to pay $28.5 million to more than 25 million customers, and rename its so-called “safe ride fee” in order to settle a class-action lawsuit that the company misled consumers about its “industry leading” safety procedures.  [More]

Uber Launches Service To Help Drivers Connect With Passengers On Their Route

Uber Launches Service To Help Drivers Connect With Passengers On Their Route

Between offering taxi, private car and rideshare options, Uber seems to have a service to meet just about every users’ transportation needs. Today, the company announced it’s also looking out for its drivers, by launching Destinations, a feature that lets drivers tell the app where they’re heading and pick up passengers along the way.  [More]

Police: Man Pretended He Was His Brother To Avoid $7,500 In Unpaid Tolls

Police: Man Pretended He Was His Brother To Avoid $7,500 In Unpaid Tolls

It’s a classic caper: passing yourself off as your brother or sister to squirm out of trouble when you’re caught doing something you shouldn’t. But New Jersey police say one man didn’t quite pull off the sibling switcheroo when he was stopped for $7,500 in unpaid tolls. [More]

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Valet Service Forgets To Mention They Smashed Customer’s Porsche

If handing the keys to your car over to a valet parking service meant knowing that the company will forget to tell you when they damage your car, would anyone use valet parking at all? Probably not. Yet that’s exactly what happened when one restaurant customer, who discovered damage to his vehicle that the valet had sort of forgotten to tell him about. [More]

Uber Expands Food Delivery Service UberEATS To Chicago, New York City

Uber Expands Food Delivery Service UberEATS To Chicago, New York City

Since opening for business, ride-sharing company Uber hasn’t been content with simply giving customers rides from point A to point B. After dabbling in all kinds of pilot programs including on-demand drop-offs of everyday essentials and courier services, the company seems to have found a second niche: food delivery. And so, Uber plans to expand UberEATS to Chicago and New York this week.


Dutch Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation Into Uber Following Violations Of Banned Service

Dutch Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation Into Uber Following Violations Of Banned Service

Uber’s latest hurdle to provide service in Europe, where many cities and countries have banned the ride-sharing service, comes in the form of a criminal investigation by Dutch prosecutors. [More]


Uber, Lyft Trying To Convince Courts That Drivers Are Not Employees

What’s the difference between a contractor working for you and an employee? Often, an employee will receive benefits like health insurance and workers compensation if something goes awry, among other things, while a contractor is hired to do one job and that is it. Uber and Lyft don’t want their drivers to fall into the employee category and be responsible for all that entails, but thus far they haven’t been able to sway the courts to see it their way. [More]


NYC Lawmakers Want To Pay People For Submitting Videos Of Illegally Idling Vehicles

Getting paid to spy for your government isn’t just something for the movies: In New York City, lawmakers are introducing a bill that would reward citizens who report drivers of idling vehicles and submit a video of the act as proof. [More]

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Did Lyft Backtrack On $1,000 Bonus Promise For New Drivers Or Is It Simply Overwhelmed By Applicants?

In an effort to raise a fleet of drivers for its ride-sharing service, Lyft offered $1,000 bonuses both to new drivers and those referring them last week. But it appears the company might have bitten off more than it can chew after receiving more applications than anticipated, leaving some hopeful drivers without bonuses. [More]

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Uber Adding “Panic Button” To Mobile App In Chicago

A few weeks after announcing that Uber would implement a panic button feature in its app for users in India after allegations of rape against a driver there, the company now says it’ll be launching the safety feature in Chicago soon as well. [More]