Uber Adds Tools To App For Drivers, Doesn’t Add Higher Pay Or In-App Tips

Image courtesy of afagen

What drivers for ride-hailing apps really want is to make more money. They’d like higher fares, or for passengers to have the ability to tip them from inside the app: really, either of those would be great. Instead, drivers for Uber are getting a suite of handy features, like being able to pick up passengers traveling in the same direction as they want to end up. Not higher fares, though.

The ride-hailing app lowered fares back in January and tells passengers that there’s “no need to tip.” Part of the proposed settlement of a class action suit by drivers in California and Massachusetts would be that the company could no longer fire drivers for putting out a literal tip jar or sign, but the appeal of ride-hailing apps is supposed to be the “cashless” thing.

One feature that will get drivers more money is meant to compensate them when passengers dawdle: the passenger’s meter will start running two minutes after their driver arrives, so they’ll get some money when forced to wait.

Another change will give drivers access to local gasoline prices right within the Uber app, which could at least reduce their driving expenses, which are not reimbursed because drivers are not employees of Uber. Granted, there are plenty of other apps that will do this, but at least drivers can feel like the company was thinking of them and their needs. Other than their need for higher fares and tips.

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