Pilotless Planes Could Save Airlines $35B — If Anyone Is Willing To Fly In Them

While we’ve been getting used to the idea of driverless cars over the last few years, would you be willing to slip into an autonomous vehicle that’s, uh, quite a bit larger? Like the size of a jetliner, perhaps? [More]

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Boeing Might Stop Making 747 Jumbo Jets After Recent Slump In Orders

The days of flying through the air in a jumbo jet filled with hundreds of other travelers may someday be a thing of the past, as Boeing says it’s considering stopping production on its 747s. [More]


Preventing Bug Splatter Could Save Airlines Billions On Fuel

When you’re flying through the air at hundreds of miles per hour, every little bit of wind resistance can result in the use of additional fuel. So if there’s a way to stop aircraft from becoming covered in dead bug goo, it could end up saving the airline industry a lot of money. [More]

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Boeing Creates Self-Cleaning Airplane Bathroom, Claims To Kill 99.99% Of Germs

Ah, the joy of airplane bathrooms: at one point we’ve all had to cram ourselves into the small, overused closets to do our business during a flight. While the facilities are cleaned between flights, some germs or dirt might remain. In a bid to ensure restrooms meet passenger standards, Boeing has created a self-cleaning lavatory.  [More]


Boeing Unveils New 737 That Can Fit 11 More Passengers In Coach; Fate Of Travelers’ Knees Uncertain

The first of Boeing’s new 737 Max airplanes has made the journey from planned concept to reality, with the company quietly celebrating its debut Tuesday. But there’s still one question on everyone’s minds — are my knees going to be knocking against other fliers? [More]

Lawmaker Questions Airlines, Plane Manufacturers On Cybersecurity Measures

Lawmaker Questions Airlines, Plane Manufacturers On Cybersecurity Measures

Eight months after a government report found that airplanes with WiFi connections may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and seven months after a hacker claimed to have commandeered a United Airlines flight via the plane’s in-flight entertainment system, one lawmaker wants to know just what airlines are doing to protect their computer systems — and passengers.  [More]

The new "space bins," featured on the left, can hold two more bags than traditional overhead bins.

New “Space Bins” Increase Aircraft Carry-On Capacity By 48%

Earlier this year, airline groups proposed a plan that would have required airlines to adopt a smaller carry-on bag standard. That idea was eventually scrapped, and that’s probably a good thing considering airlines are now looking to add roomier overhead storage bins through cabin upgrades.   [More]

Four Alaska Airlines Crew Members Sue Boeing Over Toxic Fumes That Leaked During 2013 Flight

Four Alaska Airlines Crew Members Sue Boeing Over Toxic Fumes That Leaked During 2013 Flight

We imagine that working as a flight attendant can be a difficult job: serving hundreds of passengers each flight, traipsing from one city to another, and ensuring that the cabin of the aircraft is equipped and prepared for all situations. One thing these crew members shouldn’t have to worry about: working in an environment with toxic fumes. But that’s apparently what happened during an Alaska Airlines flight in 2013, and now four flight attendants are suing Boeing Co. [More]

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Southwest Bucks The Trend, Plans To Actually Widen Seats On New Planes

Flying on a Southwest Airlines flight in 2016 might be a bit more comfortable for some customers used to cramped spaces: The airline unveiled a new seating structure for its upcoming planes that gives consumers an extra half-inch of seat width. [More]

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New Boeing 737 Will Cram 11 More Passengers Into Coach

While tall people generally have an advantage in athletics, romance, job-hunting, and attending concerts, there is at least one aspect of modern living for which it’s better to be shorter in stature — flying coach. But aircraft biggie Boeing is attempting to take even that one minor victory away from those of below-average height, by cramming additional rows of seats into its already jam-packed 737 seats. [More]


What Are America’s Most Damaged Brands Right Now?

How mighty brands fall. Bad leadership, bad planning, a run of bad products: any of these can damage a brand in a short amount of time, and it can take years to recover: if, indeed, the brand recovers at all. What brands are the most battered in the United States right now? 24/7 Wall Street rounded them up, based on which publicly-traded major companies are currently dealing with aggressive competition, reputation disasters, and a lack of direction. [More]


FAA Gives The Nod To Boeing’s Plan To Fix Its Dreamliner Battery Problem

It’s been a bit turbulent for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners, which have been grounded since mid-January around the world after various technological problems, glitches and fires which were thought to be caused by batteries malfunctioning. The company has been feverishly investigating the planes and it seems those efforts are paying off, as the Federal Aviation Administration has given the okay to Boeing’s proposed fix. [More]

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FAA Orders U.S. Airlines To Ground All 787 Boeing Dreamliners

Another day, another bit of bad news for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the airlines that fly the aircraft: The Federal Aviation Administration’s regulators have ordered U.S. airlines to temporarily ground any Dreamliner planes they fly, pending a further investigation into recent safety issues that have cropped up. [More]


Timing Is Everything: Polish Airline Debuting New Dreamliner Service In U.S. Today

Oh boy. A Polish airline has picked a doozy of a day to introduce its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner service in the U.S. Just this morning two Japanese airlines announced they’re grounding their fleets of Dreamliners after a spate of recent issues, one of which prompted an emergency landing, and the Federal Aviation Administration has joined the fun with an investigation of its own. Which makes LOT airlines’ debut date of today well, interesting timing. [More]


FAA Opens Probe Into The Beleaguered Dreamliner & Its Recent Spate Of Problems

For all the years we heard whispers and excited buzzing about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner before its debut, it seemed sort of like a mythical flying beast. And since its inaugural U.S. commercial flight in November it’s definitely becoming legendary — but for all the wrong reasons. The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a probe into the beleaguered plane after a recent spate of problems. [More]

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Boeing Using Potatoes As Stand-Ins For Human Passengers To Test Wi-Fi Signals

Potato, potato. Either way you say it (or slice it, then fry it up real nice), Boeing is using sacks of the starchy stuff to test airplane Wi-Fi signals. Apparently the human body and sacks of potatoes have enough in common that the company can figure out how signals will bounce around onboard using the food as stand-ins. [More]

The 26 Top CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Taxes

The 26 Top CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Taxes

Once again, it’s time for the annual Institute for Policy Studies report on which top CEOs are earning more money than the companies they work for are paying out to federal government in taxes. [More]

Ryanair Now Planning To Remove Toilets From Planes

Ryanair Now Planning To Remove Toilets From Planes

It’s been more than a year since we’ve heard much about cheapy European airline Ryanair’s grand plan to charge people to use the toilet. That’s because the carrier has apparently ditched the scheme in favor of simply removing two out of three toilets from each of their planes. [More]