One Company Has Implanted Tracking Microchips In 150 Employees

Though it might sound kind of cool to wave your hand at a door and have it open like you’re Obi Wan Kenobi, would you be willing to let your company implant a microchip in your hand, the better to track your movements with? [More]

You're gonna have more friends soon, Geordi!

Google Opens Its Glass Explorer Program Up To Anyone In U.S. Who Wants To Spend $1,500

If you’ve been eyeing your pals jealously while they stroll around town looking like so many cyborgs in their Google Glass specs, now you, too, can spend $1,500 on the interactive eyewear. Google announced last night that it’s flinging the Explorer program wide open to anyone in the United States willing to fork over the cash for Glass. [More]

What time is it? GEORDI TIME!

Google Glass Taking Applications To Become America’s Next Top Cyborg

If you’ve ever sat gazing out a window using just your own boring nature-given eyeballs and thought, “Oh, if only I were more like Geordi LaForge, and also I have lots of money to spare,” then Google Glass wants you. The company is taking the next step toward making its wearable computing devices a reality and is offering up the chance for tech-lovers to be among the first to try it. [More]