Google's Photos Of New Glasses Prove They Really Are Fans Of LeVar Burton

We just knew Google was aiming for a Geordi La Forge eyewear revolution when rumors first started flying about their new hi-tech glasses, and now there are pictures to prove it. Fans of LeVar Burton’s character from Star Trek: Next Generation will now be much closer to realizing their dreams with the ocular gadgetry.

As seen on Google’s Project Glass page, anyone will immediately turn into some kind of robot-human combination when donning the specs. We’re pretty sure your friends will mock you at first, if you’re the early adopter sort and if this is the look Google ends up going with.

Says Google about their stylin’ specs:

We think technology should work for you–to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.

The accompanying video shows a user waking up and instantly having icons pop up on the screen, from weather to calendar information. He gets a text and responds to it with a voice command, walks to the subway and is informed it’s not running and finds an alternate map route — all using the goggles and while not having them impede his working vision.

Now if only we knew if they’d be able to scan for potential creepers in any given bar before entering.

Project Glass [Google]

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