There’s A Decent Chance Your Local AT&T Store Is Actually Owned By GameStop

When you walk into a store with an “AT&T” sign overhead, you might assume that the employees you’re speaking with work for AT&T. The telecom giant’s sweet-but-bemused store manager character “Lily” may have dominated the company’s TV advertising over the past three years, but what you may not know is that a growing number of AT&T-branded stores are actually owned and operated by third-party companies. [More]

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AT&T, DirecTV Workers In 36 States Walk Off Job For 3-Day Strike

AT&T customers could find it difficult to obtain help this weekend if something were to happen to their DirecTV, U-Verse, or AT&T wireless service, as AT&T union workers walked off the job today following failed contract negotiations.  [More]

Union Chief: Verizon Will Discipline, Possibly Fire, Techs Who Repair Copper Phone Lines

Union Chief: Verizon Will Discipline, Possibly Fire, Techs Who Repair Copper Phone Lines

As Americans continue to ditch wireline phone service in favor of wireless, and as wired voice lines are increasingly moving to fiberoptic networks or lines operated by cable companies, the telecom workers unions and some consumer advocacy groups have accused Verizon of allowing its old network to fall into disrepair. Recently, the head of a union representing thousands of Verizon employees testified that techs can get into trouble and possibly lose their jobs if they actually try to repair damaged copper lines. [More]

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Verizon Strike Appears Near End After Unions, Management Reach Agreement In Principle

After more than six weeks, thousands of striking Verizon workers may be heading back to work soon. According to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, the telecom giant and union leaders have reached an agreement in principle. [More]

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What The Big Verizon Worker Strike Means For Consumers

Tens of thousands of Verizon employees walked off the job this morning, when months of inconclusive contract negotiations between the company and the union representing those workers finally stalled out completely. [More]

Telecom Union Says Verizon Is Neglecting Landlines

Telecom Union Says Verizon Is Neglecting Landlines

Though more than 40% of U.S. homes are now cellphone-only, many millions of Americans still have landline service. But a union representing 35,000 Verizon employees says the company is refusing to repair broken copper-line networks. [More]

From the CWA's "Where's My FiOS?" flyer.

Union-Backed Campaign Asks Verizon “Where’s My FiOS?”

For years, it’s been obvious that Verizon lacked interest in expanding its FiOS fiberoptic pay-TV and Internet service beyond its existing footprint, even though the company had not fulfilled its promises in areas like New Jersey and New York City to make high-speed broadband available to everyone. And in January, Verizon officially extinguished any hope that FiOS would be bringing competition to new markets anytime soon. But a new campaign organized by the Communications Workers of America is asking consumers to demand that Verizon deliver the service it so proudly touts on TV. [More]

20,000 AT&T Workers Go On Strike

20,000 AT&T Workers Go On Strike

UPDATE: The CWA has released a statement regarding the strike, and also says the total number of striking workers is around 22,500 (18,000 out west and 4,500 in Connecticut). [More]

Striking Verizon Workers To Lose Benefits If Strike Continues

Striking Verizon Workers To Lose Benefits If Strike Continues

Verizon isn’t too thrilled with the idea that it’s paying for health insurance benefits for 45,000 striking workers. Thus, the telecom giant has said it will cease funding certain benefits if those employees aren’t back on the job by the end of the month. [More]

Striking Verizon Workers Deny They Are Sabotaging Customers' Cables

Striking Verizon Workers Deny They Are Sabotaging Customers' Cables

While Verizon staffers in several states and Washington, DC, continue to picket their employer, there are reports of an increased number of sabotaged Verizon phone cables and boxes — 20 in one 48-hour period alone. Facing allegations that the vandalism is being done by striking workers, accusations the union denies having anything to do with. [More]