Creator Of The Cronut Says He Eats One Every Day Because Come On, Of Course He Does

Perhaps you’ve experienced that cycle familiar to many home cooks: You come up with a recipe, it turns out reeeally well and so you end up making it a lot… until eventually, you get sick of it and move on, dusting that favorite off now and again. But Dominique Ansel, the creator of the cronut, has to eat one of his pastries every single day as part of his job. Poor guy. [More]

Review Of Dunkin’ Donuts Not-A-Cronut: It’s The Lookalike Pet Parents Buy When Real One Dies

Review Of Dunkin’ Donuts Not-A-Cronut: It’s The Lookalike Pet Parents Buy When Real One Dies

Earlier this week, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that it was jumping on the call-it-anything-but-a-Cronut craze by offering its own croissant/donut hybrid. Alas, the early word from one fan of the original Cronut is not so appetizing. [More]

From the cease-and-desist letter sent by Ansel's lawyer to the Reno bakery. (via Facebook)

Bakery That Never Used The Word “Cronut” Told To Stop Using The Word “Cronut”

While NYC pastry chef Dominique Ansel may have trademarked the word “cronut” to describe the cross-breeding of a croissant and a donut, he’s certainly not the only person to have made or sold them. Now his lawyers are sending cease-and-desist notices to bakers to get them to stop calling their creations “cronuts,” even if they’ve never used the word on their menus. [More]

Another day, another overly-hyped hybrid pastry.

Starbucks U.K. Launches “The Duffin” In Latest Overly-Hyped Hybrid Pastry Fad

Please, can we stop it with the Franken-pastries already? Just because you can splice two different baked goods and slap a cute name on it doesn’t mean any of us want to deal with yet another round of hybrid pastry mania. As if the mania over the cronut and its bajillions of spinoff pastries wasn’t enough, Starbucks has launched The Duffin in the UK, a muffin, donut hybrid and sigh, make it stop. [More]

Cro no!

Pastry Gods Smite Faux-Cronut Burger Customers By Way Of Gastrointestinal Awfulness

What happens when mere mortals attempt to recreate what has already sprung fully formed from the brain of a revered pastry chef? The deities who reign over the bakery goods world will smite you and lay waste to your customers with a spate of gastrointestinal crappiness. Such could be the case up in Toronto, where health investigators have shut down a faux-cronut burger stand after customers fell ill. [More]

Won't you be mine, cronut burger?

Canada Sticks A Maple Bacon Jam Burger In A Knock-Off Cronut And Calls It A Day

There are already knock-off cronuts a-plenty, but there’s no way we can disparage the joint effort between a baker and a burger joint in Canada for this little baby: The Maple Bacon Jam Cronut Burger will be served at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto starting Aug. 16. How much is a cab to Canada these days, I wonder? [via Eater] [More]

I'd eat that.

Can’t Get A Cronut Stateside? Try The Dunkin’ Donuts Knockoff… In South Korea

While we’re sure the rest of the country isn’t lathering itself up into a glazed frenzy over the ultra hip culinary must-have in New York City — the so-called “cronut,” a hybrid croissant/doughnut that sells out lickety-split each and every day — if you’re into that kind of thing, you can find it elsewhere. In Asia though, so hope you’ve got your miles saved up. [More]