Apple Issues MacBook Pro Battery Fix In Response To Consumer Reports Testing

Two weeks after our colleagues at Consumer Reports said they couldn’t recommend Apple’s new MacBook Pro after testing its battery and finding it wildly inconsistent, the company has released a fix designed to address the issue. [More]

Faraday Future Unveils Latest Electric Vehicle, FF91

Faraday Future Unveils Latest Electric Vehicle, FF91

It looks like Tesla has some competition in the high-end electric vehicle field: startup automaker Faraday Future unveiled its first commercial electric vehicle targeted for production prior to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.  [More]


MacBook Pro Battery Life Wildly Inconsistent, Consumer Reports Finds

Expecting some holiday money? Thinking of rushing out to spend it on a shiny new MacBook Pro? After months of testing, our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports say, maybe don’t do that just yet. [More]

Fiat Chrysler Brands & Vehicles Make Poor Showing In Latest Owner Satisfaction Survey

Fiat Chrysler Brands & Vehicles Make Poor Showing In Latest Owner Satisfaction Survey

There are dozens of car, truck, SUV, and minivan brands to choose from, but one carmaker is bringing up the rear in the latest owner satisfaction survey from our colleagues at Consumer Reports.  [More]

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’Tis the season, when you’ve realized you have a long list of friends and loved ones to shop for, but absolutely zero ideas about what to get them. We can help. [More]

Consumer Reports

When Tom Wheeler was appointed FCC Chair in 2013, some questioned whether a former frontman for both the cable and telecom industries could possibly keep consumers’ needs in mind when dealing with the companies he’d known intimately for decades. John Oliver even likened the naming of Wheeler as FCC Chair to “needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo.” Yet, not only has Wheeler demonstrated that he’s not a dingo, he’s also gone toe-to-toe with the companies he once represented, enacting new net neutrality rules that regulate broadband as a utility, challenging phone companies to put an end to robocalls, going after wireless providers for misleading “unlimited” plans, and trying to shake up the pay-TV monopoly on set-top boxes. [More]


It’s The Little Things That Often Make Travelers Happy With Airlines These Days

In an era of add-on fees, crunched-up knees, and general dissatisfaction with air travel, what does it take for an airline to stand out with customers? Apparently not much. [More]

Snake Oil Was A Real Thing & 3 Other Things You Should Know About Sham Medicines

Snake Oil Was A Real Thing & 3 Other Things You Should Know About Sham Medicines

Everyone knows the image of the snake oil salesman, pitching worthless — often dangerous — tonics, tinctures, and potions to treat any ailment under the sun. What you may not know is that “snake oil” wasn’t just a phrase, or how it and other sham cure-alls ultimately led to the creation of the FDA. [More]

Anyone Can Make & Market A Dietary Supplement, Including Consumer Reports

When you see ads for dietary supplements, there are often scientists in lab coats looking at beakers and flasks, saying science-y things. In the real world, just about anyone with a credit card can make and market a supplement, even one that contains potentially unhealthy ingredients. Just ask our colleagues at Consumer Reports, the creators of the new (totally fake) weight-loss supplement Thinitol. [More]

Consumer Reports

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active Fails The Dunk Test

When a product says it’s water resistant, you probably aren’t going to test that claim out yourself (at least not intentionally). That’s why we’ve got the fine folks at Consumer Reports, who recently subjected the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active to a “dunk test” to see if the phone would live up to its watertight claims. [More]


Two-Thirds Of College Students Who Take Out Loans Have No Idea What They’re In For

Would you walk into a bank — or call up the federal government — and borrow $50,000 or more without having some idea of when or how you’ll be expected to pay it back, or what can happen to you if you fall behind? That probably sounds unwise to you, but the results of a new survey show that a large majority of college students who take out loans are jumping into the deep end of the debt pool without any advice or guidance.  [More]

Go Full MacGyver With This 5-Step Process For Getting Gum Off Your Jeans

So you’ve gone and sat in a wad of gum. Sucks, huh? Don’t despair. You might still be able to salvage your favorite pair of blue jeans with the help of some unexpected gum-removing tools that might already be sitting around your house. [More]

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5 Reasons Prescription Drug Prices Are Going Up For Many Americans

If you feel like you’re paying more for medication, you’re not alone. A new investigation from our colleagues at Consumer Reports finds that one-third of Americans are seeing higher prices for prescriptions, and one-in-six people chose to avoid getting a prescription filled because of the cost. So what’s behind the increased cost of staying well? [More]

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3 Fancy Dishwasher Features You Can Do Without

There are few things nicer than finishing a big meal and being able to avoid another 30 minutes at the sink washing plates, pans, and silverware by placing them inside a machine that does all the work for you. As technology advances, dishwashers have become increasingly more elaborate, but do you really need all of those extra features? In short, not really. [More]

Evenflo Car Seat That Reminds Driver Child Is In Car Is Promising, Not Perfect Yet

Evenflo Car Seat That Reminds Driver Child Is In Car Is Promising, Not Perfect Yet

Technology can’t solve all of our problems, but maybe there’s a technological solution that can help with a tragedy that has affected parents of all walks of life: leaving small children in hot cars to overheat and die. The happens to an average of 38 kids every year, and car seat maker Evenflo responded to safety advocates by making a seat and harness that integrates with your car’s electronics. [More]

Will DIY Air Conditioners Really Keep You Cool This Summer?

Don’t feel like plunking down upwards of a few hundred bucks for a window unit air conditioner? No, of course you don’t; that was a silly question. At the same time, you probably don’t want to spend the next few months baking in the summer heat. You could McGyver one using ice and some stuff that’s sitting in your garage gathering dust, but will it make your life any more tolerable? [More]


5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Sunscreen This Year

Whether you’re hitting the beach, doing yard work, or just out and about in the sun this summer, using sunscreen to protect your skin is generally a good idea. But not all products provide the same level of protection, and some don’t live up to the promises on their packaging.

5 Steps To Change Your Gas Grill Burner And Save Memorial Day

5 Steps To Change Your Gas Grill Burner And Save Memorial Day

While the skies in some parts of the U.S. don’t exactly scream “It’s Grillin’ Time” today, that doesn’t mean we can’t prep our summer-loving grills for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. If you’re a charcoal fan you’re just dumping out the old ashes, but if you’ve got an old gas grill taking up space on your patio, you might need to replace a burner to salvage it in time for summer. [More]