New York Proposes Nation's Highest Cigarette Taxes

Cigarettes may cost more than $10 per pack in New York under the state’s latest plan to close a $9 billion budget gap. In New York City, the tax alone on a pack of cigarettes would rise to $5.85. And cigarettes aren’t the only carcinogens set for a tax bump under the proposal.

Taxes on cigars, chewing tobacco, and pipe tobacco would also rise by up to 75%, bringing them in line with cigarette taxes.

It’s not that New York hates smokers—although it does—so much as that it desperately needs the $440 million the tax will generate. You can try calling your state representative to cough about the tax, but without it, the state may need to shutdown until it can find another disfavored group to pick on.

The legislature will vote Monday on the plan. If passed, the new taxes would take effect September 1.

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