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Hey, Ben!

New $100 Bill Debuting Tomorrow After 2-Year Delay

The Benjamins are coming, the Benjamins are coming! And they’re all new, these fancy $100 bills that had been expected back in 2011. The Federal Reserve had to delay the new currency over creasing problems during the printing process, which left blank spaces on the bills. But now they’re on their way, finally. [More]

Coming Soon To A Billfold Near You: New $100 Bills

Coming Soon To A Billfold Near You: New $100 Bills

Attention currency fans, and fans of images that shift as you move them! New $100 dollar bills with exciting counterfeiting-proof features are coming soon from the Federal Reserve. The good news is that they probably will not melt, but they look a little different from bills currently circulating. [More]