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The Beer & Booze Company Behind Corona, Svedka & Mondavi Is Now Investing In Marijuana

Instead of shrinking in fear from the rising green tide of legal marijuana, the parent company behind booze brands like Corona, Svedka, and Robert Mondavi is jumping right in with a big investment in the legal marijuana business. [More]


Which Fast Food Chain Do Legal Marijuana Users Prefer When Hunger Hits?

When the last joint has been smoked, the vaporizer has run out of oil, and the Munchies Monster is demanding to be fed, where do marijuana users go to feast? [More]


Some Marijuana Dispensaries Pull Pot Possibly Contaminated With Pesticides

Following reports that a variety of products sold at California medical marijuana dispensaries may be contaminated with potentially dangerous pesticides, a number of pot shops in the state have begun to stop selling these items. [More]

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Pro-Marijuana Lawmakers Form First Ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus

Now that marijuana is legal in some form or another — whether for recreational or medicinal use — in 28 states, a bipartisan group of four lawmakers have joined forces to create the first Congressional Cannabis Caucus, aimed at reconciling federal regulations banning marijuana with states’ laws. [More]

Ryan Dearth

Marijuana Companies Trading Stoner Slang For Mainstream Branding

Have trouble asking for an ounce of Purple Kush or Atomic Haze without feeling like the kind of stoner who would brag to his baked buddies about scoring some dank bud? Don’t worry, corporate branding is coming to save the day with acceptably bland product names. [More]

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Pot Growers Trying To Cut Costs In The Face Of Dropping Legal Marijuana Prices

The good news for indoor pot growers in states where marijuana is legal is that now they don’t have to hide their crops in secret growing sheds or their grandma’s basement. The bad news is that there’s a lot of competition, causing wholesale marijuana prices to sink. To keep up in such a crowded market, growers are now turning to new technology and growing methods designed keep efficiency up and costs down. [More]


San Francisco Pot-Friendly Gym Will Let Members Get High While They Get Buff

First it was juice bars, now this: a new pot-friendly gym in San Francisco will allow members to get high on the premises. [More]


Nevada Bill Would Make It Legal To Treat Sick Pets With Medical Marijuana

Soon it might not just be humans holding medical marijuana patient cards (or something like it): Legislators in Nevada have introduced a bill that would allow pet owners to treat their sick animals with medical pot. [More]


Senate Bill Would Decriminalize Medical Marijuana In States Where It’s Already Legal

A Senate bill expected to be introduced today would have the federal government ease up on the states that already have legalized medical marijuana, effectively keeping patients, doctors, dispensaries and growers from federal prosecution, and would also remove marijuana from the list of most dangerous drugs, according to reports. [More]

With legal pot, comes advertising.

Cannabis Company Unveils Country’s First Marijuana Billboards In Seattle

Back in my day, the only billboards along the side of the road were for things like light beer, ambulance chasers, adult video stores, fast food and car dealerships. No longer will roadside advertising be limited to such things, as a new era of everyday legal marijuana use in Washington has made the country’s first cannabis billboards a reality. [More]

Denver Hosts Nation’s First-Ever Marijuana Industry Job Fair

Denver Hosts Nation’s First-Ever Marijuana Industry Job Fair

What happens when there’s a brand new industry opening up? That industry needs hard workers, and it’s no different when the new business in the state happens to be marijuana. Now that it’s legal in Colorado for recreational use, Denver held what appears to be the nation’s first-ever job fair to attract workers. [More]

Dutch Seek To End 'Drug Tourism'

Dutch Seek To End 'Drug Tourism'

For those of you who thought it might be worth it to be screened and patted-down by the TSA for your trip to the Netherlands, just so long as you could sit in a “coffee shop” and get stoned without threat of a legal hassle, here’s some bad news. In an effort to curb so-called “drug tourism,” the Dutch government is looking to limit the sale of cannabis to residents only. [More]

Sacramento TV Station Airs First Ever Ad For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Sacramento TV Station Airs First Ever Ad For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

KTXL in Sacramento is toking tooting its own horn a bit this week, claiming that they are the first TV station in the US to air an ad for a medical marijuana dispensary. [More]

New iPhone App Shows You Where To Buy Marijuana

New iPhone App Shows You Where To Buy Marijuana

If you’re wondering where to buy marijuana, or if you were too stoned to remember where you did buy it, there’s an app for that. Apple has approved a new iPhone application named “Cannabis” that personalizes Google maps to show you where to buy, well, cannabis.